1.5 lakh toilets to help faithful at Mahakumbh 2025 relieve themselves

Prayagraj: Mahakumbh 2025 is going to be special in many ways. On the instructions of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath (CM Yogi), the team has already started preparations for this grand event of UP Sanatan Dharma. Along with expanding the area of Maha Kumbh, the Yogi government is also laying special emphasis on keeping the sanctity of this entire event intact.

For this, about 1.5 lakh toilets will be established in the entire Kumbh area. The Chief Minister intends that the Mahakumbh of 2025 should be completely ODF (Open Defecation Free). Cleanliness will be ensured by dividing the entire Kumbh area to be established in 4 thousand hectares into 25 sectors. For this, a large army of sanitation workers will be deployed by the government.

More than 11 thousand sanitation workers and sanitation workers will take up the responsibility

The Yogi government has fixed a budget of approximately Rs 2,500 crore for Mahakumbh, the biggest event of Sanatan Dharma. Apart from making the entire Kumbhkshetra impenetrable, strict arrangements are also being made for cleanliness.

The government will spend more than Rs 300 crore on cleanliness in Kumbh Kshetra. For this, the Yogi government will construct more than 52 thousand community toilets, more than 53 thousand toilets in various tents, more than 14 thousand toilets on parking and approach roads and more than 20 thousand public urinals, i.e. a total of about 1.5 lakh toilets.

Apart from this, more than 25 thousand dust/waste bins, 120 tipper-hopper trucks, 40 compactors, 9800 sanitation workers and 1800 sanitation volunteers will handle the cleanliness arrangements in the entire fair area.

Maximum focus on cleanliness in 45 day event

Maintaining cleanliness in this grand event of 45 days from Paush Purnima (13 January 2025) to Mahashivratri (26 February 2025) is a big challenge. For this, preparations have already started on the instructions of the Chief Minister. To maintain cleanliness in the Kumbh area, the Yogi government will install a large number of Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) toilets. Of these, 15 thousand FRPs with septic tanks will be installed, while 10 thousand FRPs with soak pits will be installed, which will be installed in community areas and camps and arenas.

Along with this, approximately 20 thousand FRP urinals will also be installed in community areas. At the same time, 22 thousand pre-fabricated steel toilets (septic tanks) and 17 thousand pre-fabricated steel toilets (soakpits) will be installed on the outskirts and parking areas of the fair area as well as in the camps of government offices. Apart from this, tent/tent toilets will also be installed in various religious camps. Their number will also be around 50 thousand.

Toilets will be monitored through app

The most important thing is that 60 percent of community toilets will be used through septic tanks. Whereas 40 percent toilets will be based on soak pits. The government will also pay special attention to their maintenance. Along with routine maintenance and cleaning of toilets, sanitation workers will ensure sanitation by checking the status of each toilet on various parameters through the app. Besides, the cleanliness of the toilets will also be monitored through the control room.

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The public will also be able to complain about dirty toilets through the QR code installed outside each toilet. Yogi government will also develop web based application for this. Besides, the team of Swachhagrahis (Sanitation Volunteers) will continuously monitor the toilets. Apart from this, 25 thousand dust/waste bins will be installed to keep the fair area clean. These dust/waste bins of 20 kg capacity will be placed within a radius of 25-25 meters. These dustbins will be cleaned 3 times daily.

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