21 years of knowing and loving Shamita Shetty

Mumbai: Mohabbatein was one of those films that struck a chord with everyone across the nation. The film perfectly encapsulated the dilemma and contradiction between the older and younger generation. While the film had legendary actor Amitabh Bachchan in the lead, it was brewing with the younger talent.

With Mohabbatein, the industry gifted the audience one of the most talented and genuine stars – Shamita Shetty! 21 years back, exactly today, the actress made her debut into the acting world, and there was no turning back for her ever since.

Shamita made her way into everyone’s heart with her first outing itself. It was the rawness and innocence of the actress that made an impact on the audience.

To date, she retains the same simplicity, making her one of the most appealing stars. It is one of the reasons why Shamita is touted to be the most favourite contestant in Bigg Boss 15. Ever since the actress has entered the house, she has been winning people’s hearts with her pure soul.

Shamita has always put emotions before the game, making her the audience’s favourite. She gifted Miesha Iyer her scandals after learning about her parents and has always rooted for connections over the game. The viewers are in awe of her talent and EQ. Some have also proclaimed her the winner of season, owing to her Zen-like personality.

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