A healthy substitute for the Chicken Fanatic out there

Lucknow: Even before the Coronavirus pandemic could be controlled and nipped in the bud, the curse of bird flu caused a flutter which has left all rattled.  The bird flu has now put people in trouble again. It is a virus that spreads in humans through birds. Also known as avian influenza, the disease has led to poultry markets being closed. In case if you are missing the chicken as a rich source of nutrition, we give you better vegetarian options.

We are telling you 5 such vegetarian substitutes of chicken, which will help to keep you healthy. Along with vitamins and minerals, most of the people include chicken in their diet for protein. But it is not that these elements are not found in vegetarian food. If green vegetables are a great source of vitamins and iron, there are some diets which are known for rich protein sources.

People who are fitness freaks or want to make themselves fit tend to consume more chicken and meat. Whether it is to lose weight or build muscle, people consume chicken or meat more as a substitute for many nutrients and basically protein.

Bird flu or avian influenza is actually contagious and more deadly than Corona. There are 11 influenza viruses that infect humans, but only five of these can prove to be fatal for humans. But due to bird flu, now people are very shy of consuming meat or chicken. If you are not able to consume chicken or meat in the wake of bird flu fears, then there are other vegetarian options.


  1. Gram

Protein-rich gram is more beneficial for health than many other expensive dryfruits, chicken or meat. It helps in remaining energetic throughout the day, also serving to provide enough protein to your body. If you are not consuming non-veg these days due to fear of virus, then you can add gram in your diet.


  1. Cheese

Cheese is considered best source of protein for vegetarian people. It is rich in calcium and protein along with many nutrients. It gives necessary nutrition to the body. You can include cheese in your diet in many ways. In fact, it is a great vegetarian alternative to chicken or meat.


  1. Kidney beans

Rajma or kidney beans is rich in protein, carbohydrates and fibre as well as many nutrients. As a vegetarian alternative to chicken or meat, then there is no doubt that Rajma is a great option. It gives you protein as well as help in losing weight.


  1. Pulses

Having lentils is extremely beneficial not only for our physical health but also for mental health. Pulses area rich repository of protein giving many essential nutrients. Pulses thus are considered a better healthy alternative to chicken or meat.


  1. Pumpkin Seeds

These are an excellent source of protein. About 100 grams of pumpkin seeds contain 19 grams of protein. To build muscle or stay fit, pumpkin seeds can be very beneficial. It is rich in many vitamins and minerals, very beneficial for your overall health.

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