A splendid novel woven around Campus, Youth, Prem and Politics is ‘Ghasi: Lal Campus Ka Bhagwadhari’

Novel- ‘Ghasi: Bhagwadhari of Red Campus’
Writer- Lalit Phulara
Publisher- Yash Publications
Price- Rs 199
Page No – 127

New Delhi: ‘Ghasi: Lal Campus Ka Bhagwadhari’ is one such novel, which you cannot leave without finishing once you pick it up in your hands. The author has put this novel in the language of youth and campus based and has maintained the consistency in such a way that it is not a novel but a web series is running on the OTT platform…! This novel starts with ‘Dil Ki Baat’, which really goes down in your heart. Gradually, Ghasi emerges in a humorous and tickling fashion and his tales make him laugh.

In every page of the book Ghasi appears, you cannot live without smiling. Many times in Tillu’s love story, the heart used to chuckle, and many times it seemed that it was wrong with Tillu. There was also sympathy for Navya and the suspense also remained intact as to what would have happened next? The love story present in the novel was sometimes emotional and sometimes suddenly made angry. After the beginning of each story, there was always this restlessness in the mind that what will happen now? The way political debates in class have been mentioned in the novel, it will bring back your memories of campus in front of you. The author has depicted the political dialogue between the students through the style of satire. Sometimes students get angry on some issue, then they take a jibe on some issue. Similarly, the class dialogue between students regarding the formation of the Aam Aadmi Party is historic in itself, in which Ghasi says that every disciple should be like Kejriwal.

The circumstances of the Corona period have also emerged in the novel with poignancy. As soon as you read those, you reach that phase of lockdown. Every character of this novel whether it is Ghasi, Dadda, Sumitra or Masoom Mishra and Encyclopedia will take you straight into the world of campus and you will feel that campus is not just four walls but many such incidents happen inside and outside. Which are forever imprinted on your psyche. It cannot happen that you are reading this novel and your friends and campus are not refreshed in your memories.

It can be said that this novel is a wonderful novel of childishness and frivolity of young age and life struggle, which reflects the social background, time period, knowledge-ignorance of the characters. This is a novel of young people who come from remote villages and towns to give an edge to life and wandering in the world of romanticism with many fanciful dreams, it is too late until they come to the surface of reality and test their abilities. Which the author has been able to tell with honesty. Ghasi is a representative character who with his personality, actions evokes more compassion than the smile he puts on the faces of the readers. Dadda, Ghasi, Pandit, Tonti, Masoom Mishra, Tillu are such characters of the Pahari society who try their best to get rid of their inferiority complex and stay connected to the roots. These characters, through their dialogues and actions, reflect the expressions of laughter, silliness and sometimes deep compassion on the faces of the readers. Some episodes are effective from being contemporary, such as the Anna movement and the thinking of characters, then the rise of a new party in Delhi’s politics by defying Guruvar, Ghasi’s unsurpassed thinking, debate (“The 21st century political change has to be overshadowed by the Guru”. is”) The entire episode written on it is impressive.

Almost all the female characters (Navya, Sumitra, Gargi, Mona, Megha) in this novel feel very practical and clever. In such a situation, the question naturally arises in the mind of the reader whether women are losing their natural qualities, or is the author biased in doing justice to their character? The answer to this will be given by the author himself. At the end, the horrors of the Corona period, the fear of the characters, the fear of the author naturally engage the readers. The reader also feels deeply the fear of his own, loved ones’ life, livelihood, and finally with Ghasi’s laugh, the reader takes a deep breath, and feels at ease. You can buy this novel from Amazon and Flipkart.

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