Actors who fought or still fighting the battle against physical health / Sickness

Sharad Rai

When you ask an actor, ” How are you doing ?” You’ll mostly get a positive answer– “I am fine.”
But many a times this isn’t the truth, as actors rarely talk about their Sickness. Being an actor isn’t an easy job, as they also have fair share of both pros and cons. They go through a lot of struggle and pain like any other human being. They do their jobs like any other person, while being on sets they often work for 18 hours. They have to maintain a strict diet, they work hard in gyms as well, they travel across the world in various climates and conditions. They fight with physical and mental stress and tensions, they get less time to focus on their health. From mega star Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, Amitabh Bachchan. Here is a glimpse of a few actors who fought or fighting serious health issues, but they are working in thin or thick conditions–

Salman Khan-The biggest Superstar of the Indian film Industry Salman Khan underwent a surgery in US after he was diagnosed with a neuropathic disorder ‘Trigeminal Neuralgia’ which is characterized by episodes of intense pain in many parts (jaws and cheeks) of face. He is still taking pills and goes for the routine checkups.

Sonali Bendre-The gorgeous and popular star of Bollywood Sonali Bendre was diagnosed with cancer for which she took treatment in New York. She had to shut down her career.

Amitabh Bachchan-Emperor of acting, Superstar of the millennium Amitabh Bachchan got injured while shooting a fight sequence with Puneet Issar of the film Coolie which caused in splenic rupture. The incident left the actor in a sudden coma, after surgery he was diagnosed with a dysfunctional muscle disorder which is called Myasthenia Gravis. Then he suffered from TB and few other severe sickness. He is still fighting with health issues, he goes through regular checkups and take regular medicines.

Hrithik Roshan – Hritik Roshan was severely injured while shooting Bang Bang, he had to go through a brain surgery in 2013 which was caused because of blood clots in his head after several injuries to the skull while shooting.The actor tried curing it with painkillers but it sadly did not help, since then he is on regular medicines and routine checkups.

Samantha Ruth Prabhu- Southern actress Samantha Ruth Prabhu has been diagnosed with Myositis which is an autoimmune condition. She is undertreatment.

Deepika Padukone – One of the biggest female film stars of Bollywood Deepika Padukone’has fought a long battle with anxiety and depression. She unveiled to her fans about her mental health and personally shared her daily struggles of having to live with it. She still goes through regular checkups and take medicines.

Shah Rukh Khan- King of the Bollywood Shahrukh Khan | has faced mental health issues. After his muscles injuries while shooting, Shah Rukh Khan suffered the pain and eventually landed to depression. He has recovered but still goes through regular checkups and take medicines.

Honey Singh- When Honey Singh was at a peak of his career, he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Due to bipolar disorder, an individual experiences depression and anxiety. He was admitted in Rehabs thrice and still struggling for complete recovery.

Kapil Sharma- Kapil Sharma had previously revealed, “I could not step on the stage to perform and would cancel the shoot. I suffered from anxiety and drank myself silly. I would stay locked up in the office with my pet dog. People stopped coming on the show and I went off the radar in depression. The King of stand up comedy Kapil sharma is on regular medical checkups and take medicines.

Sunil Grover- Actor Sunil Grover, underwent heart surgery, had suffered a heart attack. Grover, who has recovered, had to undergo four bypass surgeries, now he has slow down in his career and isn’t working in any new project.

Rahul Roy- Rahul Roy, who is recovering from a brain stroke, has advised young actors to take risks, but not at the cost of their lives. Rahul Roy suffered a brain stroke while shooting in Kargil. Since then he is on regular checkups and take medicines.

Tanveer Zaidi- Actor Tanveer Zaidi was injured while shooting for the movie Guardians. He was admitted to the ICU in a hospital at his hometown Allahabad (Prayagraj) and diagnosed with blood clots in brain, later he was admitted in Leelawati hospital, Mumbai. After the relief he continued his shootings of his TV shows and films, unfortunately later he suffered a brain stroke. Now he has recovered but has slow down his speed of an actor. Tanveer Zaidi said, ” Never go to perform dangerous stunts yourself, leave them up to your expert body double and to the fight composer, if it’s necessary then too check all the arials, cables and harnesses.”

Manisha Koirala- Manisha Koirala, who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2012, said she became conscious of people’s gestures and emotions while grappling with the disease. “When I was sick, I was searching for positive stories.

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