Adequate arrangements being made to combat dengue in government hospitals – Brajesh Pathak

Lucknow:  Deputy Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Brajesh Pathak inspected the Dengue Control Room set up at Swasthya Bhawan. He directed that all the doctors of the state should be alert and arrangements should be made in the hospitals. Negligence of any kind is not tolerated in the testing and treatment of dengue patients coming to the hospitals. He informed that adequate arrangements are made for the treatment of dengue in the government hospitals of the state. Necessary medicines, blood products and resources are available for the treatment of dengue in all the hospitals of the state. No one needs to panic.

He informed that at present two control rooms are functional 24×7 at the state level. In case of any problem, the control room number 18001805145 and 104 functioning at the state level can be contacted. Apart from this, the control system is established and functional in all the districts of the state.

The Deputy Chief Minister informed that a total of 29750 cases of dengue were found in the state in the year 2021 and a total of 29 unfortunate deaths were due to dengue disease. In the current year 2022, till November 06, 2022, a total of 8968 patients have been reported in the state, out of which 10 patients have died unfortunate, whereas in the last year 2021 till November 06, 2021, a total of 25353 patients were reported in the state, out of which There was an unfortunate death of 25 patients.

The Deputy Chief Minister said that serious efforts are being made by the government for the control, prevention and treatment of dengue disease in the state. Beds are reserved in all district and block level hospitals of the state for the treatment of dengue patients. He said that 4260 beds have been reserved at block level medical units and 3380 beds at district level medical units for dengue patients. Among the districts most affected by dengue, 559 beds have been reserved in Prayagraj, 283 beds in Lucknow, 178 beds in Ayodhya, 240 beds in Ghaziabad and 95 beds in Budaun.

The Deputy Chief Minister informed that a total of 329 blood banks are functional in the state’s hospitals for the availability of platelets to dengue patients in the state. Of these, 52 blood banks in the government sector, 28 under the medical and health department, 22 under medical education and 2 blood banks under the army are functional. Apart from this, 277 blood banks are functional under the private sector. All the necessary medicines and fluids are available in abundance in all the districts of the state for the treatment of dengue patients and all the necessary equipments are functional.

The Deputy Chief Minister informed that district-wise nodal officers have been nominated from the state level to monitor the effective preventive action against infectious diseases currently being transmitted in the state, through which on-site monitoring of the activities being carried out in the districts and other necessary actions. Will be edited. Health Department and Urban Development Department are working continuously in the state for prevention of Dengue disease, under which source reduction activity, antilarbal spray and fogging are being done to eliminate mosquito-borne conditions by visiting the affected areas. Wide publicity work is also being done for prevention and treatment of dengue disease.

Appealing to the general public, the Deputy Chief Minister said that not every fever is dengue fever and the presence of platelets in the blood does not confirm dengue fever, as there is a decrease in platelets in other viral fevers also. So don’t panic. In case of fever, immediately go to your nearest government health center and get treatment. To prevent dengue disease, do not allow water to collect in coolers, trays under the fridge, water tanks, tires kept in the open, bottom plates of pots and water drinking utensils of birds etc. If water is found in such a place, remove the water from there immediately.

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