Aim to turn U.P into a Production State: Sanjay R Bhoosreddy

Arijit Bose

Lucknow: Additional Chief Secretary, Sugar Industry & Cane Development and Excise, Sanjay R Bhoosreddy has been working doubly hard to ensure that not just illicit liquor is checked, he is also making sure that cane farmers are at ease. He keeps a close watch on things that fall under his jurisdiction. Speaking exclusively to The Lucknow Tribune, Bhoosreddy said that his aim is to turn Uttar Pradesh from Consumption State to Production State. To promote industrial investment and employment in the state and increase revenue resources of the state by preventing manufacture and trade of illicit liquor.

And to do that it has not been an easy task. Cracking down on rogue elements, 6,81,229 raids were conducted in which 78,544 were caught, 27,87,481 liters of illicit liquor were seized, 814 vehicles were seized and 8,528 accused were sent to jail. Last year 07 enforcement drives were conducted against illegal liquor. This year a special enforcement drive is being conducted from 21.04.2022 to 05.06.2022, in which 13,974 raids were conducted till 27.04.2022, 1.833 indictments were made, 57,404 liters of illicit liquor were seized, 10 vehicles were seized and 204 accused were arrested & sent to jail.  The department is determined that strict action will be taken against the illicit liquor trade in which action is being taken under the Gangster and Goonda Act.

With regards to Fruit wine production the rules for wine making and setting up of winery have been promulgated and the stakeholders have been informed in this regard. Efforts will be made to install at least one winery this year.

We ask Bhoosreddy what’s the rationale behind license for liquor at home, he says – the limit of keeping liquor in personal bar is much more than the limit of selling it in retail. Individuals of high income group, who use liquor for themselves, they are often fond of keeping different types of liquor. This arrangement has been made in view of the permission to keep such high grade and different types of liquor, from which the department gets more revenue, more than the normal limit. Apart from this, if such persons are transporting liquor more than the limit of retail sale, then a situation of harassment arises for them during checking. Therefore, this arrangement has been allowed to such a class who wants to keep different types of high-grade liquor for their own consumption. From this, while revenue will be received, on the other hand, such elite persons will not have to face harassment during checking etc.

Speaking on distilleries Bhoosreddy underscores – the Excise Department is determined to make the state a production state. The department is producing and supplying maximum amount of ethanol for the Ethanol Blending Program of the Government of India. Due to this, timely payment of prices of sugarcane to the sugarcane farmers and the number of distilleries is increasing progressively. Along with this, there is also a saving in the foreign exchange spent by the Government of India on the payment of the price of oil. This year the target is to allow three distilleries to produce alcohol as well as allow three new distilleries to be set up. In the coming five years, the target of the department is to set up 18 new companies and start production.

In Corona times, speaking on sanitizers, he said, “To prevent the epidemic of Covid-19, the department has played an important role in the production of sanitizers due to the guidelines and foresight of the Chief Minister. Instructions were received to expand the capacity of sanitizer production in the state. In view of the above, the units were given licenses for the production of sanitizers on a war footing in the state. At present, 97 units are allowed to produce sanitizers. Till March-2022, 207 lakh liters of sanitizer was produced which was sent to the state and outside the state. There is no shortage.”

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