Akshat gets a new lease of life

Lucknow: The state capital-based Apollomedics Hospital has succeeded in saving an innocent life from the incurable disease of Multi System Inflammatory Syndrome with modern technology and teamwork. Multi System Inflammatory Syndrome is a disease whose symptoms start appearing 2-8 weeks after infection with Covid. If these symptoms are not caught in time, the disease can be fatal. One such child, Akshat, was diagnosed with Multi System Inflammatory Syndrome and his parents, being doctors themselves, were finding themselves helpless. Eventually they got Akshat admitted to Apollomedics where the team of doctors successfully treated him and gave him a new life.

Dr Niranjan Singh, Senior Pediatrician, Apollomedics said, “When Akshat was brought to Apollomedics, he had high fever for the last four days and medicines were not working. He was having frequent diarrhea, rash all over his body. and had red eyes due to conjunctivitis. Investigation and interrogation revealed that several members of the family had been diagnosed with Covid about a month ago. After a thorough examination, it was found that Akshat had Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome (MISC). It is a rare disease but it is very fatal. After admission, Akshat’s condition deteriorated even after all possible treatment. We put Akshat on ventilator and when his breathing and other parameters started becoming normal, he was taken off the ventilator. Akshat was treated following the International Guidelines for Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome.

Dr. Mayank Somani, CEO and MD, Apollomedics Hospital said, “Akshat Srivastava, 5-year-old, had a high fever, diarrhea and blisters after Covid. Akshat’s parents are doctors themselves but they too after seeing the condition of the child. Disappointed from the bottom line, they brought Akshat to Apollomedics Hospital, where the Pediatrician – Dr. Niranjan Singh found that he had MISC – a very fatal disease. With many ups and downs and teamwork of experts from different departments, finally Akshat was successfully treated and the child is now healthy.This case is an example in itself that how apollomedics works with team spirit to treat any patient and fully discharge its responsibility by taking care of the patient’s life as the topmost goal. I am proud of my team. I wish them all the best and hope that they will carry out their duty with the same urgency and dedication to treat each and every patient.”

As soon as Akshat was removed from the ventilator, there was a problem in his heart, so the team of Dr. Niranjan Singh, Dr. Karan Kaushik and Dr. Anupam Wakhlu decided to put Akshat on the ventilator once again. It was decided that Akshat would be kept on ventilator for 4-5 days. There came a time that Akshat’s parents were also losing their courage, but the doctors who treated Akshat in Apollomedics had to give their nod, who neither lost their courage nor allowed Akshat’s parents to be hopeless.

According to Dr Pranjali Saxena, Pediatrician, Apollomedics, it is a post-Covid disease in children, whose symptoms start appearing only after 2 to 8 weeks. When Akshat was admitted to the ICU, all his parameters were quite worrying. It was the support of every department of Apollomedics that was given to the pediatricians, due to which we were able to bring Akshat out of this deadly disease and he is leading a healthy life today.

Akshat’s father Dr Himanshu Srivastava told that from the night of 24 May, Akshat started having fever and with every passing moment his fever was increasing. Being a doctor, for the first time in my life, I saw 106 fever, that too of my son. The same night we brought Akshat to Apollomedics. My mother and I were very scared to see Akshat’s condition, but the staff of Apollomedics continued to encourage and give us all the necessary information related to his treatment.

Dr. Swati Sharma, mother of Akshat said, “We were very upset and the worry was increasing that it was becoming very difficult to predict how much the disease would progress. When the child is admitted in the hospital, he is very scared. , but it has to be commended to the doctors and para-medics staff of Apollomedics that they not only gave excellent treatment to Akshat but also removed the fear sitting in his mind with love and care.It was the hard work and divine miracle of the doctors of Apollomedics that Akshat’s life is saved amidst hopelessness and he has got a new life.

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