Ali, Mariam and Simsim from Sony SAB show ‘Alibaba Dastan-e-Kabul’ arrive in Bhopal; thank audience for support

Bhopal: Sony SAB’s show ‘Alibaba Dastan-e-Kabul’ since its launch in August has been winning hearts of the audience. Presenting the popular legend of Alibaba with a new perspective and interesting story this series is getting a lot of love due to the talent of its characters and actors. all of this show.

The characters are being loved by the audience, and the Alibaba-Mariam chemistry is pleasing to them. Thanking the audience for their appreciation and support for the show and its performance, the lead actors Shehzan Khan (Alibaba), Tunisha Sharma (Mariam) and famous actress Sayantani (SimSim) have stunned in Bhopal.

They visited the city. These artists talked to the people there and thanked them for supporting them in this journey.
expressed happiness.

On journey on the show, Shehzaan Khan playing the role of Alibaba said, “To bring Ali and Maryam together.
The plot has been crafted suitably, but both of them seem to be unaware of the future. they emerge from a bottleneck
They are trying to do so that others are threatening to come in front of them. But Ali is definitely out of trouble.
Audience will enjoy his journey. We are grateful for the love and support from the audience in Bhopal. The warm welcome we have been given will be a memorable one and we would like to share with the audience more like this in the near future. Looking forward to more talks.”

Tunisha Sharma playing the role of Maryam said, “When Ali and Maryam are together, it is with great courage.
You can face any problem. The audience has fallen in love with the chemistry of Ali and Maryam. The best feedback is received from the audience through DMs, comments and messages and we are glad that the audience
understands hard work. The actor gets the most inspiration from getting the support of the audience.
The response that Bhopal gave was a very pleasant experience. My love for these people will last forever!”

Sayantani Ghosh, playing the role of Simsim in the show said, “Simsim is very unique and being an antagonistic character. Despite this, there is a lot of depth in his personality. He is the stone-hearted and antagonistic characters we see on screen. On the contrary, run on your feelings. I am overjoyed with the love that SimSim has received.
It takes energy to work with dedication. For the appreciation that my character is getting  I’m quite happy.”

Alibaba is ready to write the fate of Kabul with its bravery. As father to orphans in the show his bravery increases even more by giving love. All the challenges and diabolical plans that SimSim offers Ali and Princess Maryam’s lives mix like two sides of a coin while fighting.

In the new part, Mariyam tries to escape from the dreaded slave traders while Ali helps her.Will try to leave time behind to do it.

What obstacles will come in the way of Ali and Maryam’s mission to change the fate of Kabul? what simsim and
Will Saddam be able to break his courage? This only time will tell.

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