Amid speculations of a boob job, Salma Hayek clears the air

Mumbai: Salma Hayek is an American actress. Salma is a famous Hollywood actress, who has made millions of people crazy with her tremendous performance and beauty.  Salma Hayek is one such Hollywood actress, whose beauty gets  people going gaga. Salma Hayek is very active on social media and often shares her hot pictures among her fans and fans also like her pictures very much.

Hayek has turned 54 years old, but even at this age, she is seen in a very beautiful and tremendously bold style, which attracts the attention of everyone.

Her increasing breast size has been a topic of discussion for a few days now. Fans of the actress say that Salma Hayek has had surgery on her breasts.

Breaking her silence  on increasing breast size, Salma has answered all the questions. Salma Hayek has said during a conversation on a chat show called Red Table Talk that this is happening to her because she is going through menopause. Salma Hayek has said that her breasts are absolutely natural.

Explaining this to everyone, actress Salma Hayek said that some women’s breasts also increase due to feeding the child and then they remain the same. She said that many people have told her that she has had surgery to enlarge the breast, but it is happening to her because of menopause. For this reason, along with her weight, the size of her breast has also increased.

She further said that, when she had doubts about this, she met the doctor and the doctor asked her all  strange questions and Salma Hayek told that his questions were very scary.  He asked whether you are getting beard, moustache? And getting irritated very quickly? He asked if I am gaining weight? Then finally he asked me if your private part is getting dry? After asking this question, the doctor told Salma Hayek that she was having menopause.

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