Amidst massive pool of young writers, literary doyens continue to hold sway at Lucknow Book Fair

Lucknow: The many colours of poetry, story, novels and other literary wonders painted the Lucknow Book Fair going on in Ravindralaya Charbagh. It completely captivated the mind and soul of all  book lovers. Buyers of literature of all ages are coming to the Book fair. Offering at least 10 percent discount on books and running from 11 am to 9 pm, it will end on March 26.

Moving towards the end, there was a lot of crowd in the fair. There are mainly books on history, art-culture, science, food and almost all other subjects along with classical literature of Hindi and English.

The Tar Saptak, the second Saptak and the third Saptak, edited by Agyeya,  books by Tagore, Bharti, Bachchan, Premchand, Renu, Agyesh, Mahadevi Verma, Mohan Rakesh, Amritlal Nagar, Yashpal, Nirmal Verma and all well-known Hindi and English writers are flooding the fair.

There are countless books of poets like Firaq, Nida Fazli, Gulzar, Munawwar Rana in poetry, while there are books like Tumhari Aukat Kya Hai by Piyush Mishra, recently published by Rajkamal Prakashan.

The small books of the Hindi literary fund highlighting the Bengali, Kashmiri, Shia, Parsi, mountain society along with Kathak, vanishing arts, historical buildings and other aspects of this ancient city, known as Nawabi city, have been written by many writers of Lucknow.

Although  44 booklets with low prices are collectible, but in the style of Kissagoi Yogesh Praveen’s Begums of Awadh, Lucknowi Shayari, Nawabi Jalwas and Lucknowwa stories with Dr.Roshan Taki, Navneet Mishra, Ramkishore Bajpai, Dr.Naresh Singh,  Books by Naveen Joshi capture the mindspace of the public.

Dr.Sultan Shakir Hashmi, Shyam Kumar, Om Nirav, Narendra Bhushan, Dr.Ajay inaugurated Dr.Pathik’s epic Makh Kshetra Manorama under the chairmanship of Dr.Satyadev Prasad Dwivedi Pathik and Dr.Yogesh on behalf of Navasrjan.

Senior journalist Shyam Kumar was honored with Sahitya Sarathi Samman and many authors including Anil Kishore Shukla, Ramprakash Shukla Prakash, Anil Kishore Shukla, KP Tripathi Punj, Manmohan Barkoti, Dr. Sudha Mishra, Ratna Bapuli, recited poetry.

The second work released on the stage was Dr. DS Shukla’s Khagras composed on the 14th day of the Mahabharata war. Chief guest Sudhakar Adeeb told the merits of the book and said that in order to prove the history of Mahabharata in the book, the evidence of Mahabharata period was found in the archaeological excavations in Haryana and West Uttar Pradesh in 2016.  Literature lovers and renowned litterateurs of the city were present in the programme.


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