Annual Startup Fair E-Week-22 organized at Jaipuria Institute of Management Lucknow

Lucknow: To promote the inner entrepreneur of the youth, Jaipuria Institute of Management Lucknow on Thursday launched their Annual Start-up Fair and Inter-Collegiate Festival E-Week 2022 with the theme “The Corporate Stage: Journey From Ideation To IPO”. The three-day E-Week which is the flagship event of the Incubation Cell of Jaipuria Institute will feature a variety of activities providing a platform to the students from different colleges to present their ideas and creativity. E-week’22 comprises activities and competitions relating to Start-up culture to showcase the ingenious ideas of the students. The participants will get an opportunity to compete against the best of talent within their peer bracket. A number of seminars and conferences are being organized where speakers from different Start-Ups would share their esteemed knowledge and experiences.

The first day concluded with events like Start-up Meet, Udyam Round 1 (Trial by Trivia), Neo-B Plan, and Brand Folk. Investors Meet, Shark Swamp Competition, Business Conclave, Cultural Event, and Band night would be some of the most awaited events of the E-Week startup fair.Mr Abhishek Tiwari (Startup Consultant, Govt. Of UP) enlighted the students with the steps that are actively taken by the UP government to create an ecosystem to give the startup culture in India an immense boost. Mr Nitin Sharma (Founder, Road Pilot) gave the students an insight into what an entrepreneurial journey looks like and recollected the challenges that came his way. He further emphasized the need of switching our notion from being a job seeker to a job giver.

Udyam and Brand Folk focuses on bringing to test the scholars on the strategic facets of the startups around the world and the startup culture in India that is cultivating at a rapid pace. The forthcoming rounds test the participants’ ability to create a sustainable product line for the existing businesses and create an unconventional invention by combining the functionality of two products into one. Another attraction of E-Week’22 is Shark Swamp, which is a simulation of the popular show Shark Tank that will provide the aspirants with a platform to present their innovative business ideas to the investors. Shark Swamp is the perfect opportunity for scholars who have a burning desire to become part of the feat.

Metamorphosis brings to the table the outdated product that is in need of renovation to bring it back to life. The scholars have to come up with concrete ideas and bring significant change to the functionalities to enhance the utility of the product. Other than this, there is a plethora of other events which will provide many opportunities to the scholars to showcase their entrepreneurial skills and develop as a budding manager.

The spiritedness of E-Week’22 is apparent from the participation it received from various institutes and testified to a wholesome feud of talents who are all prepared to unearth the potential within them. To foster the entrepreneurial abilities among the scholars, this year, the incubation cell is set to award the participants with prizes worth INR 80,000 and 3-days filled with huge fun and merriment.

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