Annual startup fair E-Week concludes at Jaipuria Institute of Management Lucknow

Lucknow: Jaipuria Institute of Management Lucknow laid the groundwork for future entrepreneurs by hosting E-Week 22 on March 10th, 11th, and 12th, 2022. The E-week 22 was powered by the Incubation Cell of Jaipuria Institute of Management that aims at encouraging the development of entrepreneurial abilities within the society to produce the entrepreneurs of the future.

The Flagship event was focused on providing a blend of excitement and knowledge that enriched innate talent and provided a platform to erect the business ideas of the thinkers into a successful venture.

Multiple attractions made E-week 22 an exhilarating experience ranging from Udyam, Shark Swamp, Investors Meet, Unicorn Talk Show, Metamorphosis, etc. After a rigorous day of brain crunching, the Band Night led by DJ Shwetank Gupta was in place to spice up the evening. The attendees grooved joyously to the beats of music.

During the E-Summit conference, Dr. Deepak Singh, Chair – Incubation center at Jaipuria Institute said that Investment is not a primary driver for entrepreneurship but a mere factor that supports the intent-committing mistakes is an entrepreneurial way of learning”. “Entrepreneurship is a way of life” said Professor SatyajitMajumdar, Tata Institute of Memorial Sciences.

 Mr. Rajesh Kumar, Co-founder, and Ceo, Kalvi said that entrepreneurship doesn’t have exclusivity when it comes to gender biases. It is now imperative to think on the course of action and find a mentor to work on upskilling yourself to cultivate the entrepreneurship instinct within. If someone is serious about erecting a startup, one should not hold his plans on account of a lack of business resources like technology, capital, Human resources, etc.

Mr. Shreshth, Co-founder of Simple Energy said that “Every day you may face new challenges as an entrepreneur, however, you have to come up with viable solutions each day to make your venture lively”.

Mr. SudhanshuRastogi, Managing Director, ASR Ventures Pvt. Ltd. said that every start-up has its own story. The stories were different before liberalization, we are ascending at a rapid pace and this brings the need to be more responsible. The size of the startup ecosystem is rapidly expanding especially with the advent of the covid pandemic. We need to share the pains and glory of the startups to create a holistic environment for the startups.

Dr. Rashmi Chaudhary, Dean – Student Affairs at Jaipuria Institute said that Entrepreneurship is the best avenue when your degree of risk aversion is low. Coming up with a good business idea, having a sense of business environment are the primary driving factors that drive an enterprise after capital.

Another attraction of E-Week 22 was Shark Swamp, which was a simulation of the popular show Shark Tank that provided the aspirants with a platform to present their innovative business ideas to the investors. Shark Swamp was the perfect opportunity for scholars who had a burning desire to become part of the feat.

Udyam focused on bringing to test the scholars on the strategic facets of the startups around the world and the startup culture in India that is cultivating at a rapid pace. The forthcoming rounds tested the participants’ ability to create a sustainable product line for the existing businesses and create an unconventional invention by combining the functionality of two products into one.

Neo-B Plan, which was another significant feature of E-Week 22, added to the delight. It served as a forum for the budding entrepreneurs to present their unique company ideas to investors. Scholars with a great desire to be a part of the feat and have the opportunity to write down their real business proposals rushed to the Neo-B plan.

Another Ace in the deck was Metamorphosis, which brought to the table the outdated product that was in need of renovation to bring it back to life. The scholars have to come up with concrete ideas and bring significant change to the functionalities to enhance the utility of the product.

Brand Folk provided an engaging examination for the interested minds to check their brand knowledge. The event featured commercials and jingles from well-known firms. The event drew a higher level of participation from the attendees, who were encouraged to think outside the box and put their marketing knowledge to the test.

Several institutes’ participation in E-Week 22 pointed to a lively rivalry of talents eager to reveal their hidden potential. This year, the incubation cell was ardent to provide the candidates’ rewards worth INR 80,000 to foster their entrepreneurial potential.

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