Artist Gopal Samantray’s show on at Saraka art gallery till October 5

Lucknow: The present scenario is very dire and if this situation continues, then even more dire situations may have to be faced in the future. There is only one reason for all this that on the beautiful and creative earth, man is exploiting more than his needs.

The weather has changed, the situation of holocaust is increasing due to the continuous warming of the earth. Day by day the rain is getting less and the cold is getting less. Due to continuous felling of trees, forests are getting destroyed and rivers are drying up.

Only the love of nature and the love of the earth can save it, such concerns and problems are expressed from time to time, apart from scientists, artists and creative people keep making people aware.

In this context, a solo art exhibition of painter Gopal Samantray of New Delhi was organized at Hotel Lebua, Saraka Art Gallery, Mall Avenue, Lucknow. It was inaugurated by  Manoj Singh I.A.S. (ACS, Environment, Forest and Climate Control). The curator of this exhibition is Vandana Sehgal. Artists and art lovers of the city were present on this occasion.

Curator Vandana Sehgal pointed out that Gopal Samantray’s work is steeped in the natural world and its softness, and this also determines his style and subject matter. He depicts animals, birds and nature roaming the forests and forests, but at the same time, connecting them with the human world of concrete, glass and artificial light.

He brings out the separation of the two in the form of a powerful statement. Samantray’s canvases are bright and eye-catching as vivid colors are a mainstay of his style.

The background has a smooth glow that he brings out through his acrylic colors, which sometimes changes the quality of the textures he creates. There is almost always an animal or bird in the foreground, which comes alive with its realistic rendering and which sometimes borders on extreme realism.

In contrast to the colors, the smoothness of the background with detailed life like nature’s paintings plays an important role in bringing out the pain, their displacement also from the point of view of the animal world. It seems that most of his works use a motif to display his compressed world with objects such as electric bulbs, lamps, railings, concrete columns, furniture, transformers etc. His works are in sync with the Surrealist movement because their works have a sense of “quirky”.

Having said that, his art also has an abstract component in terms of colour, background and the end result as the sense of perspective is undermined by the artist. Gopal Samantray, through his style, co-exists the world Gives a strong message of and cautions human beings about their environment.

Bhupendra Kumar Asthana, the coordinator of the exhibition, said that Gopal Samantray, originally from Kendrapara village in Adhanga district of Odisha, has been creating art while living in New Delhi for the past 16 years. Known as an established artist. Samantray is counted among those artists who have developed their own signature and are emerging with their own identity.

They have their own approach to understanding the scene and also have an involuntary understanding of pictorial language. The audience does not need to struggle much to understand his paintings. The visual language is quite simple and the message too but the artist had to spend a long time for this, then it has become such a style which is easily enjoyed by art lovers today. Today the news of the extinction of many birds and animals is heard. This is because man is playing with nature for his personal selfishness.

The relationship between man and nature has to be maintained, which is evidenced by the paintings of Samantray. Samantray is drawing attention to flora and fauna through his paintings. In a way, he expresses deep concern over the deteriorating relationship between nature and man and is also seen making a meaningful comment.
This exhibition will remain open till 5th October 2022 for the viewing of art lovers.

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