As an artist patience is a very important virtue – Amit Dhane

Lucknow: A portrait is a painting, image, sculpture, or other artistic expression of a person, in which the face and its expression are prominent.

The intent is to represent the person’s form, personality, and even mood.  When the artist makes his own portrait, it is called self-portrait. We have a reservoir of thoughts which are displayed on our faces from time to time. All the expressions keep emerging on our face through colors.

The artist engraves those thoughts with colors. We should feel these thoughts while drawing, only then such pictures are possible. We should also use good material to make good pictures. Because it is our hard work. All the artists have done their self-portraits. There is a difference between natural and studio lighting. Natural light keeps on changing from moment to moment, so we have to be very careful while photographing in natural light.

In studios, we can create portraits by lighting according to our needs. To do any art, a lot of meditation is needed. Art is not possible without practice and also requires a lot of patience. These things were expressed by Amit Dhane, a water color portrait expert from Maharashtra Pune, in Art Studio located at Faculty of Architecture and Planning, Tagore Marg, Lucknow.

Bhupendra Kumar Asthana said that a large number of architecture students participated in the portrait demonstration in water color medium organized in the faculty premises. These programs were conducted for about 3 hours. Amit Dhane chose one of the students present for the portrait.

During this, Dhane made the students aware of many nuances related to making portraits, and gave more information. Like shadow light, how to use water color, first of all how should it be drawn for portrait, as well as color stroke etc.

Amit Dhane said the medium has its own limit. Not only is the assumption for the portrait that it should be realistic, but many experiments with the portrait have also been done by the artists from their point of view. Which see as creative portrait.

It is also a wonderful experiment to make portraits of yourself along with the portraits of others. It is also a challenging task to draw or imagine yourself in lead. Amit Dhane told the students that we should express our original expression first. Today people use their mind less but use modern gadgets more. If we want to create anything, we start copying which is very harmful in art. Amit told that when I work, I do not use mobile until the work is completed. Architecture students including Dr. Vandana Sehgal, Faculty of Architecture Dean, Faculty President  Rajeev Kakkar, Mohd. Sabhat, art teachers Girish Pandey, Dheeraj Yadav, Bhupendra Kumar Asthana and Ratnapriya Kant were present during the programme.

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