Automated Testing Stations to check the technical health of vehicles

Lucknow: The Yogi cabinet has recently approved a new policy for Automated Testing Stations to check the technical health of vehicles. Now the government has also issued rules related to the determination of eligible applicants for setting up private automated testing stations under the policy.

According to this, only a maximum of 03 stations will be allotted to an applicant in the state, including the ATS (Automated Testing Stations) currently operated by him. Any one applicant will be allowed to set up only one station in a district. Only a maximum of 03 stations can be set up in any one district. ATS will be allotted as per the policy of first come first serve.

Will be able to apply on the portal after 21 days

As per the rules issued, the portal after 21 days from the date of notification of this policy all eligible interested applicants will be eligible to apply on the National Single Window System Portal Only the application will not be the basis for allotment of ATS (Automated Testing Stations) to the applicant, but according to the first come first serve, preliminary registration certificate will be issued to maximum 03 applicants in the concerned district if they are found eligible after the test of qualifications.

If any of the first three applicants is not found eligible after the test, then the eligible applicant will be decided by considering the application of the next applicant as per the order of first come first serve. Under the Central Motor Vehicle Rules for the registration of ATS, the registering authority will be the Transport Commissioner, Uttar Pradesh, for issuing and renewing the initial registration certificate and registration certificate.

ATS (Automated Testing Stations) will be of at least 2 lanes

Newly established Automated Testing Stations in each district will be of minimum 02 lanes, in which one lane will be for three wheelers / light vehicles and the other lane will be for medium / heavy vehicles and minimum 02 acres of land will be required for setting up such automated testing stations. Will be mandatory. If an applicant is willing to set up an automated testing station of more than 02 lanes, then he will be required to have additional land of 0.5 (half) acre per lane in addition to the minimum of 02 acres.

Applicants can also set up two wheeler lanes as per their wish. The land of the newly established automatic testing station will be located on the national highway or state highway or major district road in the concerned district itself. There will be no high tension power line above the ground.

Land details will have to be submitted along with the application

At the time of application for the establishment of Automatic Testing Station, the applicant will have to submit the proof of ownership of the prescribed land along with the records. If the ownership of the prescribed land is not available with the applicant and he is willing to take the land on lease or rent, then he should apply for the land on rent/lease for a minimum period of 10 years on the jurisdictional stamp paper of Rs.100. Notarized consent letter of the owner and certified document of ownership of the land will have to be submitted.

There will be separate gates for entry and exit of vehicles in the premises of Automatic Testing Station, so that the movement of vehicles is not obstructed. The width of the approach road to the premises should be minimum 07 meters. The entry of the vehicle will be recorded at the time of entry and exit of the automatic test station, so that it can be known that for how long the vehicle remained in the center.

Net worth of the applicant should be minimum 3 crores

The net worth of the applicant for one station shall be minimum 03 crores and for more than one automated testing station, the net worth of the applicant shall be minimum 07 crores. The applying person or the MD/CEO/all partners of the firm/entity shall submit an affidavit to the effect that they have not been disqualified/banned/blacklisted by any State Government in the last three financial years.

A penalty of Rs 5000 per month will be payable in case the selected applicant does not start the work in respect of station construction for two months from the date of issue of initial registration certificate. In case the work is not started for 04 months, the initial registration certificate will automatically be considered cancelled.

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