Bada Mangal festive spirit grips city, Hanuman Setu witnesses a sea of faithful

All pics by Anil Jaiswal

Lucknow: Bada Mangal, which showers blessings of Bajrangbali, is being celebrated on 17th May this time. The last Bada mangal will be on June 14. The special thing is that this time there will be five Bada Mangal. The first will be on May 17, the second on May 24, the third on May 31, the fourth on June 7 and the fifth  on 14 June.

The history of Bada Mangal of Lucknow is about 400 years old. There are many ancient Hanuman temples here. The old Hanuman temple of Aliganj has its own identity. Historians tell that the old Hanuman temple of Aliganj was established by Begum of Nawab Shuja-ud-daula and Aliya Begum, daughter of the Mughal family of Delhi. Bajrangbali had come in Begum’s dream. He had given information about having a statue in a mound in a dream.

After this Badi Begum gave instructions to dig the mound. The statue of Bajrangbali was found there in Khodayi. Which was brought on an elephant. Begum’s intention was to install the statue on this side of the Gomti. But the elephant Aliganj did not move beyond the place where the old Hanuman temple is. After this the statue was installed there. The temple was built between 1792 and 1802.

The moon sign on the dome of Hanuman temple testifies to the Ganga-Jamuni civilization, unity and brotherhood here. It is also believed that Begum worshiped Bajrangbali to overcome the epidemic spread after a few years of the establishment of the temple. After this the epidemic was over. After this an event was organized. That day was the eldest’s Mars. Since then this tradition of organizing continues.

On Bada Mangal, a big fair is held at Aliganj Old and New Hanuman Temple, Aminabad Hanuman Temple, Hanuman Setu Temple in Lucknow. This tradition is also going on since the time of the Nawabs. For the fulfillment of their wishes, they go to the temple lying down. At the same time, thousands of devotees also reach bare feet for darshan.

Bajrangbali is an incarnation of Lord Shiva. He is also worshiped as Sankatmochan. Mother Sita had given the boon of attainment of Ashta Siddhi and Navnidhi to Hanuman ji. Devotees keep fast and worship Ram-Sita, Lakshman and Hanuman ji. Sundar Kand and Ramcharit Manas are recited. Devotees offer red cloth, red sandalwood, red flowers, vermilion mixed with jasmine oil to Hanuman ji. Prasad is offered in the form of Tulsi leaves, gram flour laddus and boondi.

There is also a tradition of doing Bhandara on Bada Mangal. Devotees distribute puri-vegetables, chickpeas-rice, pudding, sherbet, water by placing a bhandara according to their capacity. No one remains empty stomach on this day. People of every class get to eat puri-vegetables and food in the form of prasad in the Bhandaras set up everywhere.

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