Bareilly Development Authority takes initiative to help tourists experience grandeur of Lord Rama

AC Saxena 

Bareilly: The Bareilly Development Authority has taken a great initiative towards promoting tourism in the state of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. Green Ramayana Vatika is being developed in Ram Ganganagar to introduce the future generation to the life and character of Maryada Purushottam Lord Ram and various aspects of Indian culture. The construction of Ramayana Vatika has started in an area of ​​33000 square meters at a cost of 22.8 crores. Its tender process has also been completed. The concept of Chitrakoot, Dandakaranya, Panchavati, Shabari Ashram, Kishkindha, Ashok Vatika, Pampa Sarovar has been realized in Green Ramayana Vatika.

The places where Lord Rama visited during his fourteen years in the forest. where he rested. The plants and vegetation there will also be planted in the garden. This will boost tourism in Bareilly on one hand. At the same time, with this campaign of Bareilly Development Authority, the future generation will also be familiar with Maryada Purushottam Lord Ram and Indian culture.

Bareilly Development Authority Vice-Chairman Jogendra Singh told in a special conversation with The Lucknow Tribune that with the concept of Green Ramayana, the walls of the Vatika would be engraved with stones from the life of Lord Rama. All the 10 incarnations of Lord Vishnu will also be displayed in the Vatika. Apart from this, along with the protection of rare plants, trees and flora, arrangements are also being made to promote environmental protection. Its construction work has started.

As soon as you reach the Green Ramayana Vatika, all the episodes and memoirs related to Lord Rama, Lakshmana, Sita and Hanuman will be displayed on the walls. Ramayana Vatika will be developed as a picnic spot. Apart from this, there are medicinal plants like Mango, Brahmi, Asna, Neem, Bamboo, Arjun in Dandakaranya, Teak, Sal, Padal, Bakli Mahua, Gaub, Ashok, Peepal in Panchavati in Chitrakoot. Banyan, Bael, Amla, Rakt sandalwood in Kishkindha, Dhak, Kaitha sandalwood, Sita Ashok in Ashok Vatika, Nag Kesar, Champa, Maul Siri, Dronagiri, Mruth Sanjeevani saplings will be planted. Park, open air theatre, clock tower will be constructed for children to play.

Bareilly Development Authority has constructed grand entrance gates in all four directions. More than 80 percent construction has been done. The process of pelting stones on them is being completed. Bareilly Development Authority VC Jogendra Singh said that Ram gate near Invertis crossing, Laxman gate at Jhumka Tirahe, Bharat gate near gambling culvert on Badaun road, Hanuman gate on Bisalpur road are being constructed. Except the Hanuman gate, the construction of all the other gates is nearing completion. The cost of each gate is 95 lakhs. The cost of stoning an entrance gate is around Rs 134 lakh. The construction, beautification of the entrance gate will be completed by July 2023.

Bareilly Development Authority has played an important role in the construction of roads. Four-lane and six-lane widening has been done all the way to Bareilly. Adequate arrangements have been made for the dividers and lights on the road. Apart from this, fixed deposits of about 520 crores have been made in various banks. Bareilly Development Authority has allocated three thousand residential and commercial properties in government schemes to the needy people in one and a half year.

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