Battered by COVID hiccups, LU still commands a massive demand among young knowledge seekers

Lucknow: Students are fast making a beeline for getting admission in Lucknow University. Despite being affected by the Corona epidemic in the academic session of 2020-21, students from across the country and the state have filled a record amount of applications to get admission in Lucknow University which has recently turned 100.

There has been an increase of 73 thousand, 84 i.e. 14.3 percent in session 21-22 as against 63 thousand 944 of session 2020-21.

Lucknow University Vice Chancellor Professor Alok Kumar Rai said that in this session a total of 44 thousand, 252 applications were filled at the undergraduate level and a total of 19 thousand, 367 applications were received at the postgraduate level.

Record application forms have been received in Lucknow University even in the academic session of 2021-22. With a growth rate of 8.5 per cent at the undergraduate level over the previous session, 48022 applications have been received for undergraduate courses and 24,397 applications have been received for postgraduate programs with a growth rate of 26 per cent.

Diploma and Certificate courses also registered a growth rate of more than 104 per cent and 665 forms were received as against 325 forms for the academic session 2020-2021.

It may be noted that admission applications for Diploma course is still going on. Vice Chancellor Professor Alok Kumar Rai attributed the popularity of the university and the increasing number of students willing to study in its various courses to the updated courses in accordance with the University’s new education policy 2020.

He said that the teachers of the University, soon after the announcement of NEP 2020, updated their courses according to the new education policy and also had multiple entry exit points, academic bank of credit and inter disciplinary education keeping in mind all the dimensions of NEP 2020.

He said it was made a part of the curriculum, as a result of which today students from all over the state want to come to Lucknow University to study. Prof. Durgesh has been quoted saying that the university is progressing in the field of education and research in the last one and a half year, as well as in the field of student welfare, female student safety and the responsibility of the university towards the society, due to which the students and their parents have been affected by the institute. Confidence has also increased. Prof. Rai said that the University is ready to welcome all the students in the new session and he hoped that the new members of the University family will also contribute to the dignity, talent and popularity of the Institute.

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