Beautiful artistic minds find artistic expression on Acrylic medium at AKTU

Lucknow: There is no doubt that the thinking of an artist is like a bird flying in the sky, that is, independent, carefree and beyond imagination. Today the medium is not a restriction, but the expression of one’s thoughts is important. Today artists are expressing their feelings, thoughts very beautifully through their art. And artists are providing an opportunity to their future generations to get similar information and their expression.

With the same ideas, these days the students of architecture at the Faculty of Architecture and Planning, Abdul Kalam Technical University, Tagore Marg along with art teachers are presenting expression by experimenting with different mediums.

It is a form of sculpture. Sculpture, an artistic form in which rigid or plastic materials are worked into three-dimensional art objects.
About 80 students participated along with Girish Pandey, Bhupendra Kumar Asthana, Ratnapriya Kant and Dheeraj Yadav as experts in the art activity in this acrylic medium.

Various activities are being organized in the Faculty of Architecture and Planning under the Amrit Mahotsav of Independence.
The teacher of the institution,  Girish Pandey told the concept of making shapes in acrylic medium, which the students completed with great enthusiasm.

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