Lucknow: The changing scope of surrogacy in India has had its impact on the IVF business in the country, but with checks and balances IVF is poised to get even stronger a discipline feels IVF specialist Dr. Varada Arora. Dr. Varada says – In the recent times a lot of genetic work is going on in the IVF domain. Patients who have a pregnancy loss due to genetic problems, they have to get a biopsy done. Pre implantation Genetic diagnosis can be done by taking biopsy at the blastocyst . A healthy embryo transfer is then done.

She says – In these times late age child bearing has been a major issue. A thin endometrium usually poses a big challenge.Now there is the stem cell therapy which helps in treating non receptive endometriums. On the other hand, a great deal of vigilance is required as commercial surrogacy has been banned.

So how does one pick the right IVF centre. Dr. Varada adds – Connect with the doctor, be aware of the treatment at every step, understand procedures, probable complications, more than try and analyse the centre in totality for what you stand to gain, there has to be a commitment on part of the doctor and the clinic should have a wholesome approach, one of the major factors that govern your decision will have to be the take home baby rate. IVF pregnancies need care, attention needed for preterm deliveries, well equipped centre.

Talking of post COVID scenario, Dr. Arora said, “now guidelines have changed, most patients are vaccinated, doctors however advise vaccination. Those pregnant cannot be vaccinated during the first trimester. Doctors give advice to ensure complete vaccination before embryo transfer.”

Talking of recurrent IVF failure she said that the good endometrium is like the good soil, optimize issues like obesity, blood pressure, sugar. Endometrium should meet yardsticks.

Reacting to the ART Bill she said, “The ART Bill was long due,It will have an impact on IVF treatment but it is a good move. It regulates treatment and malpractices especially after celebrities went in for surrogacy. There is a mushrooming of IVF centres in the city. Feedback is being taken on the ART Bill,for channelizing the process through the government centre. Both the patient and government will benefit.”

Talking of options of later stage IVF, she said, “Natural cycle is being promoted in later stages. What started off in Japan has takers in India as well. It has been liked in India among the elderly group. It is remarkable and welcome. Patients have to bear the cost hence this works well. The patient gets the treatment with the help of an oocyte donor which is not available easily. There are stringent rules in place now. The patients now have to go to an authorized centre.”

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