Born to care for the wild, 15 year old Vaasvi a rare gem

Ludhiana: Fifteen year old Vaasvi Singal, studying in Sat Paul Mittal School in Ludhiana,  may look like any other teenager but she is truly exceptional. An academic achiever, Vaasvi is also a badminton player.
She has won gold medals in districts thrice and has won the award of player of the year in the north zone. Furthermore, she was awarded with the certificate of youngest girl to have qualified for nationals in her category. Qualified for ASICS nationals held at Prakash Padukone academy – thrice.
It is her compassionate heart and the empathy she feels for animals that makes Vaasvi very special. Her Instagram page All lives matter advocates veganism and against cruelty against animals. “Once scrolling on Instagram I came across a video in which animals were massacred for fur and leather. It was truly heart wrenching how humans abuse innocent animals for their luxury.” says Vaasvi. “ I could not sleep for many nights and was deeply traumatised” she adds.
Deciding to take action Vaasvi appeals to people to adopt veganism and participate in saving animals from abuse. She has petitioned several international brands like Louis Vuitton and Gucci to switch to vegan leather.
Vaasvi believes that animals are highly evolved beings and they feel and emote just like humans. “By abusing animals humans are also contributing to the destruction of the planet. We are also collectively creating bad karma inviting natural disasters and destructions never experienced before”
Vaasvi has impressed many family members and friends to adopt cruelty free sustainable lifestyle. She is determined to continue to advocate veganism and campaign against animal cruelty.
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