Breaking the back of terror mongers focus for CM Yogi

Lucknow: There was a time in Uttar Pradesh when pro-Pakistan terrorist organizations were terrorizing the whole country by blasting bombs in the cities of the state.

Moreover, the state has also seen such governments when cases against terrorists were withdrawn only to please the vote bank. Today Uttar Pradesh is completely free from the fear of terrorism. Azamgarh district of the state, which was once infamous as the nursery of terror, is today moving step by step in the journey of development of the state.

UP is peaceful for the last six years, so the ATS (Anti Terrorist Squad) of the state has an important role behind it. Better coordination with central agencies, upgradation of infrastructure, formation of SPOTs in Ghaziabad, Lucknow and Ayodhya, establishment of Ops 11 field units and 18 teams have strengthened the fight against terror in the state at a decisive level. Today UP has become a state free from the sting of terrorism and Naxal extremism.

Security circle strengthened in 6 years

After taking over the power of the state 6 years ago, the Yogi government has provided ATS with state-of-the-art technology, weapons, cyber experts, modern software, apps, world-class training, tools, mock and drills, modern software, digital forensics, video forensics, big data analysis.

Working with them, they have done the work of implementing effective action. If we look at the figures of the last one year only, ATS has arrested 10 prize declared terrorists. Apart from this, ATS has succeeded in nabbing 21 people belonging to ISIS, Jaish-e-Mohammed, Al-Qaeda, ISI and other terrorist organizations. At the same time, the Anti-Terrorist Squad has succeeded in arresting 13 people belonging to PFI, Rohingya, Bangladeshi and Naxal extremist organizations.

Also, effective actions have been taken against fake currency in the Yogi government. The arrest of people associated with this business is going on continuously. UP ATS team has arrested 11 people operating illegal SIM boxes within a year. ATS has arrested 15 people who were providing illegal weapons to such terrorists. Along with this, effective steps have been taken in the Yogi regime to arrest wanted terrorists of other states.

UP freed from terrorist attacks

Who can forget that in the first decade of the century, one after the other terrorist blasts in UP had not only horrified the general public, but many times tacit consent given to terrorist organizations by the ruling party allowed them to flourish in the state. Also given full chance to blossom.

Dozens of bomb blasts, one after the other, made hundreds of people victims of the bigotry of religious fanatics. Be it the serial bomb blasts at Varanasi railway station and Sankatmochan temple or the terrorist blasts in Lucknow, Faizabad and Banaras courts, even today, remembering these blasts, terror is clearly visible in the eyes of the eyewitnesses.

Terrorist attacks like the Shramjeevi Express blast in Jaunpur not only resulted in loss of lives, but the 2010 Sheetla Ghat bomb blast in Varanasi not only worked in the holy city of Hindus but also broke the morale of the country.

However, with the change of power, in the last 9 years of Modi-Yogi rule, peace was restored in the country and UP was completely free from terrorist attacks. Behind this, the strategy of strengthening the anti-terror machinery contributed significantly. Separating the anti-terrorist campaign from politics and rising above the profit-loss of vote bank, the result of the efforts made is that in the last 9 years, there has been complete destruction of terrorism from Uttar Pradesh.

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