Breast cancer Awareness much needed

Dr Mohammed Suhel Ansari

Lucknow: Breast cancer is the leading cancer in indian women which is number one cancer among indian females. October month is celebrated as breast cancer awareness month.  There is need to educate females about the possible signs and symptoms of breast cancer. Any age group can be affected by the disease but mostly it is the disease of elderly females above 60 years of age. It usually presents with painless breast lump.

Any change in the size and shape of breast ,any change in the shape of nipple  , any retraction in nipple or any bloody discharge from nipple may be a sign of breast cancer. Usually breast cancer lump is hard in consistency and it may be fixed with underlying structures. Axillary lump in the absence of breast lump may also be a sign of breast cancer in females.

Women should not avoid any unusual appearance of breast or any kind of lump whether small or large in the breast or axilla because it may be breast cancer which if detected early can be treated and cured. Breast self examination should be done routinely by females themselves which is very easy and it can be done by standing infront of mirror and by looking at both breast and nipples and any obvious change in breast or nipple can be appreciated and further advise of expert doctor can be sought.

Screening for breast cancer should  start at the age of 40 years by annual mammogram which is a very simple technique to detect breast cancers in early stages.

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