Bright paint strokes on sugarcane department transport to help prevent crashes

Lucknow: Conscious of the interests of the sugarcane farmers, the State Commissioner, Sugarcane and Sugar Sanjay R. Bhoosreddy informed that with the commencement of the crushing season 2022-23, the work of purchasing sugarcane by sugar mills has also started. The operation of sugar mills and the purchase of sugarcane remains in the winter season.

During this, the coolness remains, as well as dense fog also prevails. Due to this reason, there is a possibility of accidents due to low visibility of vehicles on the road. To prevent these accidents from happening, instructions have been issued to install reflector strips in the vehicles used for sugarcane transportation.  Bhoosreddy said that due to the arrangement of reflectors or yellow light and bulb on the regular traffic vehicles of the roads, their visibility becomes  clearer from a distance.

But the sugarcane farmers’ buggies, bullock carts, trolleys etc. are usually not fitted with reflectors or they are fitted at such a place that when sugarcane is loaded on them, the reflectors get covered. Due to which, when vehicles carrying sugarcane pass through the road at their purchase centers or mill gates, they are not visible from a distance. Due to which there are possibilities of accidents due to fast moving vehicles.

To prevent this, six-inch red and yellow fluorescent paint on both the corners of the tractor-trolleys and red and yellow fluorescent strips on the front and rear bumpers of the trucks and on the rear side of the buggies used for sugarcane transportation is being ensured. It has been made mandatory to apply fluorescent paint of red and yellow color on iron strips. The departmental officers have also been directed to run a campaign to install reflector strips in the vehicles used for transporting sugarcane and this work should be done two to three times during the season, so that reflectors are installed on these vehicles throughout the season and traffic on the roads.

Can be seen from afar at the time of All the sugar mills will compulsorily ensure this work in their respective areas. Zonal officers have also been instructed to meet the farmers in the sugar mill yard, give them information about other departmental works and also obtain feedback from them, so that if the sugarcane farmers are facing any practical problem, it can be resolved promptly.  The Regional Officer will also ensure monitoring of the above from time to time during the crushing season.

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