Lucknow: We give more emphasis on patient education and awareness. Our clinic is well equipped with all latest gadgets and materials providing world class dental treatment but patient awareness is our utmost responsibility. Smile is an Ornament and teeth are its jewels A smile heals and caring for a smile is in itself is as important as caring for your body and mind. It’s necessary to give time to maintain your oral hygiene and follow certain rules so not to get it harmed.

Ii doesn’t mean that you brush everytime or after every meal. Why is it that nowadays most of us or most children are having tooth decay problems? when we have better facilities. Answer lies within our lifestyle and dietary habits. Adopting to urban city culture we are more and more getting away from nature and its gifts. All nutritious and healthy diet which our grandparents use to have is replaced by junk food, chocolates, sugary drinks, unwanted snacks etc.

Tooth decay in itself is a continuous ongoing process which once started can only worsen further .Bacteria already present in mouth gets active as soon as a sugary substance in form of a layer  is deposited over a tooth enamel after a drink or a snack .Bacteria eats that sugar and leaves an acid as a waste product .This acid dissolves the Enamel layer slowly and as this microscopic process continues repeatedly it eventually causes damage to outer layer of enamel further getting deep into the Second layer called Dentin which is soft and sensitive too. Now at some time this change starts becoming visible as a hollowed out cavity with other symptoms like sensitivity to heat and cold or pain .A person visits a dentist  not before its  unbearable.

We only brush our teeth in morning or at bedtime but whole day we keep feeding the oral bacteria .So what to do? Consume Green leafy vegetables ,salads and fruits which are both nutritious and tasty and provide self cleansing mechanism.

All the suagary stuff that’s got stuck between teeth spaces and gums can be easily cleaned. Reduce Tea, Coffee, snacks chocolates, Candies etc. Regularly floss your teeth.

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