Changing lifestyle helps bring down risk in pregnancy  – Dr. Vaishali Jain

Lucknow: Doctors these days are increasingly going into specialization wherein they master a certain line and then deliver on it to the best of their ability. Letting their specialization bear fruit was the basic idea behind setting up what is now known as the Divyavani Clinic. Led by Dr Vaishali Jain an expert at Obstetrics and Gynaecology and her neuros husband, Dr. Himanshu Krishna, people hold the doctor couple in high regard.

Speaking exclusively to The Lucknow Tribune, Dr Vaishali Jain said that the idea behind setting up the clinic was to have a one of a kind neuro – maternity clinic in the city along with ample scope for physiotherapy related consultations. She said, “Medicines are important but not always. A lot of the diseases that one encounters can be curtailed by the use of a regulated diet and proper exercise.”

So how does she see High Risk pregnancies? She points out – Any pregnancy can be a high risk pregnancy. A pregnancy can either lead to a risk due to pre pregnancy complications or it can also be during pregnancy. There can be varied factors at play like high BP, jaundice among others. To lower the risk there is the need for either prevention or prediction. Issues can be based on the family history, diabetes, hypertension, diet and it is always advisable that one consult a doctor. Damage can be lowered if the problem is identified at the earliest stage. Importance of a proper anti natal checkup cannot be undermined.

Dr Vaishali said, “In case of adolescent health, 90% of cases are that of irregular menstrual cycle. Much of this problem is attributed to polycystic ovarian syndrome. To make sure things are in order there is need for lifestyle changes through modification, proper exercise and a good diet. Timely vaccination further helps in better health parameters. In terms of preventive measures avoid fast food and phones.

Talking menstrual hygiene, the doctor said – Menstrual hygiene is important because if not maintained the person tends to get infection. Poor cleanliness leads to issues like pelvic inflammatory disease. It also impacts the regular cycle which further causes heavy flow. As a consequence the reproductive system gets damaged.

Dr Jain said, “ I have noticed that patient is aware but he does not want to implement the precautionary measures to avoid a problem. I feel that there is greater care required among the rural population. Things are still better in the middle and upper class. One of the major reasons why women face issues is because of societal changes, high stress levels and work environment difficulties.”

Sharing her mantra Dr. Vaishali said, “Eat healthy food, ensure water intake, avoid low fruit intake, and have a healthy lifestyle to avoid intra uterine growth restriction. Many a times fluid flow around baby is curtailed. There is also the issue of bleeding that some women encounter. However I do not think a pregnant woman needs to give up on day to day working. She can live a normal life, work but being careful becomes very important in the long run for the well being of the offspring.”

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