Changing weather calls for extra caution – Dr. B.P. Singh

Lucknow: Respiratory illnesses, diseases, and malignancies caused by exposures at work are a problem of major magnitude, across sectors. Post 50 there is greater need for precaution. Work-related illnesses and diseases include allergies, asthma, influenza, pneumoconioses, tuberculosis, obliterative bronchiolitis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), silicosis, and mesothelioma.

Speaking to The Lucknow Tribune, Dr. B.P. Singh Chest Specialist of Midland Hospital said, “With a change in weather it becomes equally important for an individual to take care of one’s health. These are times when Rspiratory issues and allergies play spoilsport. COPD is yet another aspect that affects the health of people. In such times it is increasingly important for a person to take the right medical consultation at the right time.  This shift in season leads to viral infection, dengue, chickangunya, swine flu, pneumonia among other diseases.”

He said, “It is advisable that if one sees signs of these diseases then  the person must take medication, consult the doctor, take inhalers using the right technique, incase of flowing nose use nasal spray, anti allergic, with rising pollution post diwali try lowering pollution keeping in mind the problems of asthma patients. Also keep in mind indoor pollution.”

He added, “Mosquito coils in this time need to be avoided because one coil is equal to 110 cigarettes. A better alternative is a mosquito net. Also to curtail pollution it is better to use masks which will not only keep pollutants away, it will also check influenza, help inhale pure air. Ensure regular medical checkups, continue exercise during morning hours when pollution is minimum.”

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