Charbagh area under spotlight as Levana fiasco trends

Lucknow: The city of  Lucknow is famous for its innocence and culture. It is visited by about 2 lakh people daily. Travellers coming to and from every corner of the country for government-non-government and private business need to stop daily with night rest.

300 hotels set up in the Charbagh area cater to the needs of these travellers along with accommodation. The concerned authorities have finally woken up after the massive fire at Levana Suites hotel.  Finally they remembered to investigate the OC, orders for investigation were also issued by the government! Over the years, all the hotels operating against the standard in the residential areas of Charbagh have received protection from the powerful.

In the lanes of the Charbagh area where people used to live, today Gharaunde-like hotels are operating there. In the event of a fire in this area, the fire brigade reaching the hotels is like conquering the hill of Everest. Most hotels do not have an emergency exit. The life of the passengers coming and going in these hotels is also Ram trust. After a few days in the name of investigation, government files will be seen gathering dust in some corner of the departments.

On being questioned by the media, it will only be told that the investigation is going on! After all, for how long people’s lives will continue to be at stake. When will strict action be taken against the corrupt officers who ridicule the government orders? Big bosses save their chair by targeting small fish in the name of investigation. What about those families who lost their loved ones today, they will have to bear the brunt of losing their loved ones for the rest of their life! After all, how will those families get justice who lost their loved ones today?

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