Chaurasi Kosi Parikrama is our cultural identity says Ajay Kumar Lallu

Ayodhya: Congressmen Ajay Kumar Lallu held a press conference recently. Speaking at a hotel  located on Civil Lines he said after the development of 84 Kosi Parikrama Path as a national highway, people will get double benefit. He said our cultural identity, the religious, mythological places of the sages present on the Chaurasi Kosi Parikrama path and the Ramayana period will become the center of attraction for the whole world.

He said devotees coming for Ayodhya Darshan will take rest in Ayodhya to worship here. Due to which employment opportunities will increase. People will also get self-employment in the rural environment associated with this.

He said the circumambulation path will be about 275 km long. It will be 10 meters wide and one to one and a half meters interlocking on both sides. An earthen road will also be built for the pilgrims who will do the parikrama. There will be two Saryu bridges on this route. In which one will be built at Sherwaghat and the other at Murtiyan Ghat. Five railway over bridges will also be constructed in Parikrama Path. Ayodhya will be one of the best city in the world in the coming times.

He said that our country was a slave for thousands of years. The governments that came  did not insist on developing our cultural heritage. Therefore people do not know in detail about our Sanatan tradition, mythological places and sages. Along with Makhauda Dham, the place of Lord Varaha is present in this periphery along with the ascetics of sages like Shringi, Aastik, Gautam, Sumedha, Yamadagni, Chyawan, Ramanaka, Vamdev, Ashtavakra and Parashara, Saint Tulsidas.

He said that the Faizabad Baskhari Fourlane was approved in 2016. In which the market situated on this road was getting destroyed. This work was stopped in 2017. There should have been a bypass for this. For which a letter was written to the Chief Minister. Ayodhya bypass will be in its beautiful form. In which divider, footpath and lighting will all be there. Work is going on on Jagdishpur four lane. Lucknow 6 lane will be constructed from Lucknow to Ring Road. Railway has given the sanction of 6 railway overbridges in the district. Seventh overbridge Fatehganj is also to be constructed. The construction of four lane overbridge of Modha will start immediately. Along with this, railway overbridge will be constructed at Tedhi Bazar, Darshannagar, Badi Bua, Parikrama Marg, Suryakund.

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