It has been so long since I have met you. I yearn for all those moments spent with you and even a mere thought of you brings a smile on my face. The smile of dancing in the rains, the smile of playing hide and seek with my genuine friends, the smile of drinking glucon -D, the smile of waiting for my favorite Disney movie to premiere on television. Your absence had made me realize that the simple unadorned unphotographed moments are always better.

You happened like the stunning frost fires in the Arctic ocean, you were present like the halo rainbow protecting me from all evils of this world, and then one day you left me suddenly and I was then exposed to these volcanic tornadoes of my life. Those times when not only water but also the hearts were pure, not only the flowers but also we bloomed. Now your ommision has withered all our young hearts, the red cheerful face now seems to embrace wrinkles. I feel I was more connected to life before and this internet connection has indeed ruined it all.

I so dearly wish you were here to make me relieved from these petrifying situations, to make my mind unpretentious for my future. Losing you meant losing my innocence, my genuine happiness, my serene intellect. When money was only related to board games, when we valued our handmade jewellery more precious than the real ones, it all felt so plain and ordinary but now it all made me realize it was special, it was the best time.

These lilac butterflies, these vast blue skies, these scented courtyards always remind me of you. I still wonder how at that time sharing pencils valued more to us rather than sharing glances. Though my life changed but I still take care that my view of life shall never change. I shall still solve all complex problems and tense questions of life with an inquisitive mind surrounded by innocence with a sheer drop of curiosity. I have given you a separate place in my heart which can never be replaced, never.

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