City based theatre society weaves magic with Musical play ‘Habba Khatoon’

  • Theater activities have an important role in social reform: Raza Murad
  • The poetry of June emerged on the stage in Kashmir
  • Kajal, Jia, Achala, Aslam and Masood get Naushad Samman

Lucknow : After the release of Athar Nabi’s novel Gharaunda in the Golden Jubilee celebrations of Hindi Urdu Sahitya Award Committee, on the second day, under the writing-direction of Kajal Suri at Kala Mandapam Auditorium Kaiserbagh, on behalf of Naushad Sangeet Development Society, the artists of Delhi staged the play ‘Habba Khatoon’ on the biography of the famous romantic poet. The artists who did excellent work on this occasion were also decorated with Naushad Samman.

Eminent actor Raza Murad and Mayor Sanyukta Bhatia presented Naushad Samman by giving shawls, mementoes to Rangnetri Kajal Suri, actor Zia Ahmed Khan, actress Achala Bose, actors Nawab Masood Abdullah and Aslam Khan as chief guests.

The honor of Achala Bose was received by the representative of the theater. On the occasion, Raza Murad said that behind the theatrical activities are hidden deeply appreciable feelings of social reform. Seeing the contemporary problems in a new way, the writers and artists make the society cultured and educated, by combining ancient and modernity in them.

From the point of view of respect for art and artists in Lucknow, a city full of idiots and fanatics, this 50 year celebration of the committee becomes more important.

Earlier, welcoming the society President Athar Nabi, sharing his beautiful moments spent with musician Naushad said that it is a matter of pride that today important personalities, litterateurs and poets have made their presence here. Drama Habba Khatoon with its content and fact is presenting towards the society through skilled actors. Sanyukta Bhatia described it as a memorable occasion. The committee and the Society discussed and appreciated the events organized by Athar Nabi.

Habba Khatoon, a drama based on the beauty of Kashmir and true love, is a spectacular and alluring drama. It has been shown in the play that the struggle of life and poetry of Habba Khatoon has been presented in an engaging manner. Going against the established principles of poetry of his contemporary male poets, Habba Khatoon adopted the romantic style of Urdu poetry. Bubbles Kashmir Habba Khatoon was known as Jun i.e. Moon due to her unmatched beauty. Malika Habba Khatoon of 16th century Kashmir’s Wadi is the hallmark of the romantic poetry of Kashmir. A pyramidal hill in Kashmir is known as Habba Khatoon. Here Raja Yusuf Shah meets Chak Habba Khatoon and falls in love and gets married. They get lost in the wheel of time. Despite King Yusuf Habba’s refusal, he leaves to fight with Akbar. Virah Mein Habba Khatoon enjoys immense popularity by creating heart-touching poetry in a new way that is different from contemporary poetic principles.

His sweet and touching poetry of new attitudes still relevant today touches the hearts of common people. Ilma-Rachna Yadav, Sahil-Shivam Sharma, Abdul Rather-Rohit Rajput with Chand Mukherjee and Shantanu Singh playing the characters of Habba Khatoon and Yusuf in this flexible and famous four-figure musical performance that puts the civilization and culture of the Kashmir Valley on stage. , Zalim Saas-Jaskiran Chopra, Sameer-Lokesh, Wali Ahad-Ashish Vats, Kamal-Rahul Malhotra, Noor-Navjyoti, Sufi-Ojoswini, Peer Baba- Jatin were made. The production coordinator Rohit Marothia, choreographer Aastha Gupta, costume and make-up artist M Rashid, music composer-Dinu Sharma, lighting decorator Azhar Khan performed the stage side tasks.

On this occasion Dr. Vikram Singh, Vijay Srivastava, Raja Awasthi, Iqbal Niazi, senior art critic Rajveer Ratan, Wamiq Khan, Poet Hasan Kazmi, Nawab Jafar Mir Abdullah, Bilal Noorani, Zia Ullah Siddiqui, Rafi Ahmed, Yasir Jamal and BN Ojha Including many creators and art lovers registered their presence.

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