Class 10 student captures Green Comet on camera

Varanasi: Vedant Pandey, a Class 10 student and young astronomer in Varanasi, has clicked a rare comet C-2-22E3 ZTF. This comet is being called the Green Comet. Vedanta has taken some good pictures by connecting the mobile to the adapter in the telescope. The color of this comet is green and it has a long tail. It is being seen in the sky from 10 pm to 1 am in the night.  Vedant told that it was not easy to show the comet on the screen of the phone.

4 hours gathered on the roof, then the pictures were found

The photo has been taken according to the rules of NASA. For this photo, Vedant stood on the roof for about 4 hours with a telescope. After making the angle for a long time, the photo with the tail was found. Such photos are taken only by high tech cameras of NASA or big space agencies.

The orbit of this comet is very large

Astronomer of BHU Prof. Abhay Kumar told that we got to see this comet after 50 thousand years. Now there will be no such previous record, but it is not known when it will be seen in the future. Actually, this comet revolves around the Sun in the sky. Its orbit is so large that it even crosses the boundaries of our solar system. This time it is passing through its solar system and near the Earth.

Why does it appear green

The green color of this comet is due to collision of solar wind and comet stones. Pro. Abhay said that when these comet stones collide with the solar wind, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide are formed. Because of this, the color of this comet appears greenish. The importance of these comets is very high in the formation of the earth.

Dream of becoming an astronaut

Vedant is only 16 years old. He studies at Glorious Public School, Sarayanandan, Varanasi. Vedant’s father Jitendra is a business man. He lives in Khojwan. Mother had passed away only last year. There are two sisters in the house. Vedant told, I was interested in astronomy since childhood. I dream of becoming an astronaut. I keep taking information from NASA’s website. One day I came across information about this comet on the website of NASA. From January 28, I started looking for this comet. Couldn’t take a photo several times. After this, there was no problem in taking photos by attaching it to the adapter.

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