Clay lamps in greater demand this Diwali

Jalaun: The festival of lights, Diwali (Diwali 2023) is near, so potters have started preparations to light earthen lamps in every house. Shops have also been decorated at various places. Potter artisans associated with this business said that even though there is demand for Chinese lamps in the markets, clay lamps have their own special identity.

The demand for earthen lamps has increased in the market and thousands of lamps are prepared every day. But, due to less availability of soil, there is a lot of problem and the demand for lamps is increasing a lot.

Diwali (Diwali 2023) will be celebrated on 12-13 November. On this occasion, people have started preparations to decorate their houses and courtyards with lamps. Potters are also busy making lamps. With changing trends, people have also started liking designer lamps. At the same time, more traditional lamps are also being purchased. Due to disillusionment with Chinese lamps, the demand for earthen lamps has increased, while the emphasis on purchasing such lamps on social media is also having a significant impact. The work of making earthen lamps is going on at a fast pace.

The demand for lamps is also increasing this Diwali. There is a lot of enthusiasm among the youth to buy baked lamps made from the raw clay of potters. People have started ordering lamps as well as kalash to welcome Goddess Lakshmi and Ganesha, the goddess of wealth. Colorful urns with Om and Swastika written on them are being liked more. According to ancient culture, earthen lamps have importance in Diwali.

Dinesh Prajapati says that this time it is expected that more lamps will be sold because the purchase of lamps made in China has reduced. Last year, about thirty thousand lamps and other earthen items were sold. This time fifty to sixty thousand lamps are expected to be sold. But, due to less availability of soil, there is a lot of problem and the demand for lamps is increasing a lot. At the same time, Shivkumar Prajapati told that now the work is done faster due to the presence of electric chalk.

Earlier there was a hand wheel, but with this wheel lamps and other items can be prepared quickly. A hand wheel is also kept ready so that the work is not affected in case of power failure. On this, lamps, pitchers, pots, vases, piggy banks, garri, matki, children’s mill and other equipment are also made.

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