Clean choked drains regularly – AK Sharma

Lucknow: State’s Urban Development and Energy Minister AK Sharma has said that due to the rainy season, people in any city should not face the problem of water-logging, drains and drains should not be choked, for this they should be cleaned regularly.

The cleaning work must go on. Pumping sets and jet pumps should also be used to identify waterlogged places and remove water from there immediately. Along with this, concrete solutions should be given to such problems.

Urban Development Minister AK Sharma has directed all the city officials that there is a possibility of spread of human-borne and mosquito-borne diseases in the rainy season. People have to face a lot of difficulties due to the spread of Dengue, Chikungunya, so efforts should be made to prevent it from now itself. Fogging, spraying of anti-larvae should be done at possible places, bleaching powder and lime should also be used. Pay special attention to cleanliness in such places.

Urban Development Minister (AK Sharma) said that special attention should be paid to regular cleaning, beautification and management in order to save people from foul smell of mud in rainy season. Focus should also be given on the maintenance of parks and gardens.

Encourage m sand, preserve the ecology of the river system

He said that door-to-door garbage collection should be done regularly. The works in waste management should be expedited. He said that the fault in the street lights of the cities should be rectified immediately, so that people do not face any problem in commuting.

He (AK Sharma) said that there is a possibility of supply of dirty water during the rainy season. People become victims of stomach related diseases by drinking polluted water. This should also be taken care of and while working with full vigilance, it will have to be continuously monitored to do the work of supplying pure drinking water to the people.

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