CM Yogi leads traditional Vijayadashami procession from Gorakhnath temple

Procession receives warm welcome from members of the minority community

Gorakhpur: Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath led the traditional ‘Shobhayatra’  from Gorakhnath temple on the occasion of Vijayadashami amid traditional fervour and gaiety.

The procession was greeted warmly by a cross section of people, including the minority communities while the festive spirit filled the air, strengthening the fabric of social harmony.

Gorakhpeethadhishwar Yogi Adityanath, dressed in traditional attire, led the procession atop a flower-adorned chariot. He received a warm welcome from not only the Muslim and Sindhi communities, but also from people belonging to diverse backgrounds.

The Peethadheeshwar blessed them, extended wishes for a joyous life and offered prasad of the ‘Navratri Anushthan.’

The grand procession led by Gorakshpeethadhishwar commenced at around 4 p.m. After worshiping Guru Gorakhnath and seeking his blessings, CM Yogi Adityanath ascended the chariot.

Stringent security measures were in place throughout the procession. The procession moved forward as music played in the backdrop with the mixed sounds of distinct musical instruments of Nathpanth, Nagfani, trumpets, drums, and the rhythmic beat of the Damru Dal, as well as the harmonious tunes of Kashi and the impressive displays by the children of the Hanuman Dal.

The welcome ceremony featured a variety of folk dances performed by artistes representing diverse facets of Indian culture at various locations. Devotees, brimming with devotion, lined up on both sides of the route, eagerly seeking a glimpse of Gorakshpeethadhishwar.

As the procession led by Gorakshpeethadhishwar reached the main gate of Gorakhnath Temple, it was showered with flowers with the help of a machine.

The members of the Muslim community and weavers extended their warm welcome by showering the procession with flowers and enhancing the celebratory atmosphere.

Chaudhary Kaifulvara Ansari, President of Urdu Academy, honored Gorakshpeethadhishwar with a floral garland and a saffron robe. With a smile, Gorakshpeethadhishwar graciously accepted the greeting and shared the Navratri ritual Prasad of Gorakhnath Temple with him and his community. Expressing their gratitude, members of the minority community applied the Prasad on their foreheads.

Meanwhile, numerous Muslim women and children captured the moment on their smartphones from the houses lining both sides of the road. Chaudhary Kaifulvara shared that his family had been welcoming the Gorakshpeethadhishwar procession for generations. He emphasized that Gorakshpeeth embraces everyone from a humane perspective, irrespective of religious affiliations.

After accepting the greetings of the people of the minority community, when the chariot of Gorakshpeethadhishwar moved forward, a significant gathering of Sindhi community members near the newly constructed Shri Jhulelal Temple enthusiastically welcomed him and the entire procession. The enthusiastic welcome persisted all the way to Mansarovar Temple, showcasing the community’s fervor for Gorakshpeethadhishwar’s arrival.

Amidst the resounding chants of “Jai Shri Ram” and the harmonious blend of musical instruments, the Vijayadashami procession led by Gorakshpeethadhishwar Yogi Adityanath reached Mansarovar Temple. Here, Gorakshpeethadhishwar worshiped Devadhidev Mahadev and other deities at the Manasarovar temple attached with Gorakshpeeth, amid Vedic chants.

After the worship at Mansarovar Temple, CM Yogi’s procession continued to Mansarovar Ramlila Maidan. There, he conducted the coronation ceremony of Lord Shri Ram as part of the ongoing Ramlila. Additionally, Aarti was performed after offering prayers to Lord Shri Ram, Mata Janaki, Lakshman, and Lord Hanuman

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