CMO sends out warning, all hospitals in district to have dengue wards

Lucknow: The Lucknow CMO Dr Sanjay Bhatnagar has sent out a strong alert to all hospitals. He has strictly called for  setting up dengue wards in all the hospitals of the district.

The instructions have come at a time when the weather pattern has changed in the capital and the process of rain is on. In such a situation there continue to be fears of an outbreak of dengues with rapidly increasing mosquitoes. Instructions have been given to reserve beds from CHC to district hospital.

The move comes at a time when the State Director General Health Dr. DS Negi has issued orders to the CMOs of all the districts to keep the system in order to deal with dengue-malaria.

According to a quote of Urban Malaria Officer Dr. KP Tripathi, a 10-bed dengue ward is to be set up at all community health centers. District hospitals have to reserve 30 beds for dengue. In such a situation, about 190 beds will be reserved at community centers. There will be more than 200 beds in district hospitals and medical institutions.

Experts caution that to avoid any kind of problem from dengue – Do not allow water to accumulate in and around the house. Pay attention to waterlogging in coolers, bathrooms, kitchens. Spray mosquito larva killing oil in the collected water. Clean the AC water dripping tray daily. Do not allow water to accumulate in the pot kept in the house. Do not keep broken cans, tyres, utensils, bottles etc. on the roof. Clean the utensil daily for giving feed and water to the birds. Wear clothes that completely cover the body. Make children wear full pants and full sleeve shirts. If possible, sleep with a mosquito net.

Eat nutritious food with green vegetables and fruits. Drink plenty of liquids. Consume water, soup, milk, buttermilk, coconut water, ORS solution, juice, shikanji etc. Avoid stale and oily food.

In view of the threat of dengue, there will be an emphasis on spraying anti-larva in the areas of old Lucknow. The team of Malaria Department and local social organization, Bal Mahila Sangathan have been entrusted with the task of spraying antilarva to prevent dengue.

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