Complete focus on encouraging farmers and rural women entrepreneurs – Sanjay R Bhoosreddy

Lucknow: G.S.A. Industries with great fanfare  in the auditorium of Lal Bahadur Shastri Sugarcane Farmers Institute, Lucknow organized the Agrizone Gaurav Diwas. In this program, Additional Chief Secretary, Sugar Industry and Sugarcane Development Department  Sanjay R. Bhoosreddy was the chief guest. Joint Cane Commissioner Dr. V.B. Singh was also present.

Sanjay R. Bhoosreddy, while addressing the progressive farmers, village heads, representatives of various farmers’ organizations, who came to the program from different districts of the state, said that inspiration of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath is helping greatly. In compliance with the instructions given by the Sugarcane Minister  Laxmi Narayan Choudhary, farm machinery banks have been established for the use of sugarcane farmers in 146 cooperative cane and sugar mill societies of the state to provide convenience to the farmers of sugarcane and sugar mill societies and to promote mechanization. went. Farmers have to face a lot of hard work and difficulties in sowing and harvesting the crops. All these tasks become very easy with the help of modern agricultural machines.

Bhoosreddy also said that the main objective of the Farm Machinery Bank Scheme is to provide agricultural machinery to the farmers by opening farm machinery banks in cooperative cane and sugar mill societies under the cane development department, so that the sugarcane farmers of the state have to labour less and to earn more profit by getting more production in less time. Through Farm Machinery Bank, not only will it be easy to cultivate sugarcane, but the registered sugarcane farmers of the state will also be able to get modern agricultural machines at minimum rent.

He also informed that at present there are three types of crop residue management equipment available in farm machinery banks and in 74 cooperative sugarcane and sugar mill societies, advanced agricultural machines useful in sugarcane cultivation with tractors – Ratoon Management Device, Automatic Sugar Cane Planter, The process of providing Automatic Sugar Cane Trenchplanter, Chisler, Power Sprayer on rent under Farm Machinery Bank is in the final stage. The department is also inducting 30 drones in the farm machinery bank for spraying nano urea, the process of which is in progress. Along with traditional farming methods, today’s youth sugarcane farmer is also adopting technology, for which modern agricultural machinery is required.

Bhoosreddy said that the use of modern agricultural machinery in sugarcane cultivation will not only increase the income of sugarcane farmers, but also small and medium farmers will get rid of unnecessary expenditure on the purchase of agricultural machinery. Farm Machinery Bank has not only made the path of sugarcane cultivation easy, but has also paved the way for the prosperity of the farmers. The rent which the committee will get from the agricultural machinery available in the Farm Machinery Bank, after deducting the cost and maintenance of the agricultural machinery from that rent, the remaining amount will also be used for development works.

It is worth mentioning that five youths will get employment from a Farm Machinery Bank, because for this, guidelines have been issued by the department to provide the responsibility of running the Farm Machinery Bank by setting up Panch Entrepreneurs Association of five youths. Young entrepreneurs will do the work of plowing the fields of the farmers by taking agricultural machinery from the committees and after the completion of the work, they will be given to the committee, for which they will also be given the remuneration fixed by the sugarcane committees.

He also said that on the one hand the fertility of the land is increasing due to stubble management with the help of crop residue management equipment, on the other hand air pollution is also being controlled by curbing the burning of stubble etc. Under the efficient guidance of the Central Government and the State Government, by implementing in-situ and SAM scheme, the farmers of the state were provided with the benefits of crop residue management as well as high cost of advanced agricultural machines to the small and marginal farmers. Which will definitely prove helpful in reducing their cost and doubling the income.

Bhoosreddy also gave a mantra to sugarcane farmers to increase the income, under which he advised adopting Panchamrut method in sugarcane cultivation to increase the yield of sugarcane. This method will act as a life saver in the cultivation of sugarcane. Under this method, sugarcane is cultivated by adopting trench sowing, trash mulching, tree management, drip irrigation, co-cropping etc. This method is based on modern scientific methods along with increasing the income of sugarcane farmers.

Describing about the schemes of Sugarcane Development Department, he said that the department has given place in all its schemes to encourage young farmers and rural women entrepreneurs. Through the excellent action plan of the Sugarcane Development Department, cash prizes of Rs. 51,000, 31,000, 21,000 are given to young farmers, women entrepreneurs, cooperative sugarcane development societies, as first, second and third prizes. Sugar mills are also being honored by giving citations and mementos etc.

The special guest of the program, Joint Cane Commissioner, Dr. V.B. Singh also contributed to the cooperative sugarcane of the state. Elaborating on the activities of the development committees and talking about the machines launched today, he said, “The new super seeder is a multipurpose, new age machine, which has been designed keeping in mind the diverse needs of the farmers. Is. It provides increased fuel efficiency, heavy-duty power transmission, etc. for the farmers tractor. He said that “The new Super Seeder range is a cost effective solution and is very suitable for all tractors.

The machines were launched by the management team of the industries by cutting the lace while worshiping the machines. In the last phase of the program, the Additional Chief Secretary interacted with the sugarcane farmers and their queries were also resolved.

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