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Congress dubs U.P. budget one of Jumlas

Lucknow: Reacting to the budget presented by the Yogi government, the chairman of the UP Congress Committee, Ajay Kumar Lallu said that the Uttar Pradesh budget had nothing but new jumlas, completely disappointing, cheating farmers and the trust of youth was completely betrayed with little or no work for the poor and underprivileged.

He said that the government said in its budget that we will double the income of farmers by 2022. We have made a record payment of sugarcane till last year, the arrears of sugarcane payment was more than 8 thousand crores and this year it has crossed 10 thousand crores. Last year when the government came in 2017, the Farmers Promotion Commission  was formed and it had the Chief Minister, Chief Secretary and Principal Secretary. Not a single meeting was held since 2017. For the growth of the farmers, no such scheme was made by the commission which would ensure payment to farmers. He said – Now this year a new Jumla Self-sufficient Agriculture Integrated Development Scheme has been introduced.

Lallu further said, “The government said that it has made record-breaking purchases of wheat, paddy and maize and is also making further purchases. He claimed that the procurement of paddy is not being done anywhereits busy juggling data in the name of records and presenting the data from PR companies.”

Lallu reiterated, “ We hoped that this government would come up with a scheme for the farmers, arrange for special packages for the farmers. This government did not give a rupee for compensation of farmers whose crops have been ruined due to hailstorms, excessive rains, unseasonal rains. The government also did not provide any exemption in private tubewells to farmers for the increased price of electricity. Talking about providing fertilizer, fertilizer, anywhere in the past it is clear that if the farmer went somewhere for manure, he could not get manure except sticks. The price of fertilizer and diesel became expensive but this government did not work to increase one rupee crop.”

Furthermore, he said, “In the name of youth employment, this government last word was – let us do what we want, this government does not want employment at all. It was a promise of 14 lakhs per annum.

Weavers, carpet industry, leather industry, brass industry, bangle industry, wood industry,  (MSMEs), small scale industries, cottage industries which were only in Ghaziabad and Noidaand  have raised their voice and multiple bandhs have been held.  He said there have been no  single incentive or package for all these industries. Lallu said, “It did not have any fund arrangement and whatever has been done is a very small amount in relation to the need. There has been talk of setting up industries in Purvanchal, Bundelkhand and Madhyanchal, investors summit took place, defense expo took place, not a single industry has been able to put up any industry whether it is Bundelkhand, Purvanchal or Madhyanchal.”

He said –  It is clear that this government is completely indifferent to the people of Nishad family and there is no plan for it. Summing up the Congress chief in the state said, “This government is completely anti-farmer, young, anti-poor, anti-backward, and in this government, only the trust figures of PR and all the branding that could be presented were done. The people of Uttar Pradesh consider themselves completely deceived and deceived by this budget.”

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