Corona Ke Side effects: Virus could lead to Heart attack, brainstroke

Gorakhpur: A unique trend is now coming out in the Coronavirus infections. Any person suffering from the Corona infection is witnessing a rapid increase in the D – dimer protein in the body. Corona infected patients usually have an infection in the lungs and  the blood thickens.

A blood clot is formed from this. The clots are formed when the blood becomes thick and can lead to a heart attack. This can lead to many diseases including brain stroke and pulmonary artery blockage. D-dimer has been found increased in the blood of the recovered persons as well.

Even the city of Gorakhpur is not untouched by the viral Corona. After lung, its major impact is on the blood. Those living in home isolation are unaware of it. They do not get blood tests done. In such a situation, even after being negative, their oxygen level is falling.

Speaking to a newsman Physician Dr. Sanjeev Gupta has been quoted saying that as soon as the infection is over, most people assume that they have fully recovered, this is not right. Dr. Rajesh Kumar, a physician at the district hospital, said that in 20 to 30 percent of patients with moderate or severe corona infection, D-dimer protein is increasing to over five times the prescribed amount even after being healthy. This is found in 30 percent of the infected living in home isolation. Every day one or two patients are coming to OPD.

Excessive fatigue, muscle aches, and shortness of breath can be a sign of increased D-dimer. Blood thinning medicines are given for treatment.

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