COVID scare returns to haunt India, sudden spike reported

Lucknow: Corona continues to wreak havoc in China (covid crisis in china), as well as a surge in covid cases has been seen around the world. Meanwhile, alarm bells are now being heard in India regarding Corona. This week there has been an increase in corona cases in the country, while a decline was being seen in the cases for nine weeks. Although it is too early to say that the slight increase in covid cases indicates a new danger.

In the week ending on Sunday, there has been a slight increase in cases in the country. The reason for the increase in cases is also the increase in testing in the country. As compared to  1103 cases last week, 1219 cases were reported this week, which means there has been an increase of 11 percent. Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Punjab, Delhi and Himachal Pradesh as well as Telangana and West Bengal have seen a slight increase in infections.

It is not yet clear whether the increase is an early sign of increasing prevalence of the new variant or due to more testing in view of the China scare. Talking about the number of deaths due to Covid, it remains less. There have been 20 deaths this week as compared to 12 last week.

An increase in weekly cases has been recorded in 16 states and union territories last week as compared to the week ending this Sunday. At the same time, the cases of corona in 9 other states remained the same as last week. While fewer cases were registered in 11 states this week. Even among the states where cases have increased, only Rajasthan and Punjab have recorded an increase of more than 30-30 cases. On the other hand, Kerala has seen a decline with 31 cases.


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