Creative Strokes and acts bring DPS Shaheedpath alive

Lucknow: To mark the completion of ten glorious years, Delhi Public School, Shaheedpath buzzed with activity. To celebrate this august occasion, the organizing committee consisting of, Pro V. Chairman  Abhishek Pal, CEO  Swati Pal Principal  Manju Lakhanpal and V. Principal Swati Singh Malhotra organized a grand gala literaryy, cultural, creative and tech inspired fest Inquizest in which 25 schools from the vicinity participated.

The Chief Guest  Akhilesh Mishra, an IAS and  Special Secretary Higher Education UP Govt. and Guest of Honour  Rakesh Kumar Pandey, District Inspector of Schools were given a warm welcome.

The fest commenced with the traditional lamp lighting ceremony, symbolizing the dispelling of darkness and the beginning of an enlightening and joyful event. The audience was enthralled by a mesmerizing Durga Stuti dance performance  paying obeisance to the divine feminine power.

The CEO of the sebool Swati Pul took the stage to extend a warm welcome to all the attendees. The chief guest delivered an inspiring speech emphasizing the importance of cultural preservation. A lively hand performance infused energy into the event captivating the audience with a blend of traditional and modern culture.

The chief guest released a multitude of colorful halloons into the sky and then the school declared the fest open.

Ethereal Verbiage tested the proficiency in English while laughter filled the air during the Hasyasava, a comedy extravaganza, featuring talented stand-up comedians who had the audence in splits with their humorous anecdotes.

The Math–Magician showcased an astonishing display of mathematical skills and tricks, leaving the audience astounded at the magic hidden within numbers, A thrilling competition that tested  coding skills and knowledge, Codecraze Combat  saw all engaged in a fierce but friendly coding battle.

Scivention, the science and innovation exhibition, displayed cutting-edge invations and citie advancements, inspiring the audience with the potential of technology in cultural preservation Mokie showcased the diverse artistic talents of the participams, featuring sing display of art and crafts that celebrated culture in all its for The Discs Troopers brough an element of fun and ask to the event with their high-many dance performance, demonstrating the hesion of contemporary and traditional day

Mic Drop was a platform for budding suppers Kaleidoscope gave opportunity to creste vlogs, The culturst ceremony concluded with a spectacular display by Phantasmagoria team, a visual of lights, shadows and is that left the audience in a state of wonder and amazement.
The Day of the Cultural Ceremony was a resounding access, highlighting the importance of cultural preservation and fostering a sense of unity and appreciation for diverse traditions

The second day of the cultural ceremony commenced with a thought-provoking dehate competition.  The participants showcased their eloquence and oratory skills. The rhythm of the event took an upbeat tum with the Jitterbug dance competition. The participants exhibited their energetic moves, capturing the essence of this lively and infectious dance style.

Euphony, the mimicary extravaganza, mesmerized the audience with a harmonious blend of voices and instruments. The chanting melodies and soulful performances left a lasting impact on audience. The Math -Magician returned for an encore performance, captivating the audience with astonishing mathematical tricks that defied logic and left everyone in awe.

Roboneer, the roboties compethim, showcased the technological prowess of participants as they demonstrated their robotics orations. The audience marveled the nation and skill.

The highly anticipated moment arrived a the arrival of Chief Guest  Akhilesh Ngam, IPS, and Guest of Hour Wing Commander Praveen Kumar Tiwat who graced the stage to distribute prizes to the deserving winners. Their presence added prodigies to the event, and the winners’ faces beamed with pride as they received their awards.

The principal of the institution Dr. Manju Lakhanpal delivered a heartfelt vote of thanks, expressing gratitude to the participants, organizers, sponsors, and the distinguished guests. The principal emphasized the importance of cultural events in nurturing talent and promoting cultural harmony. The school band gave a musical rendition of Medleys which was an instant hit with the audience.

There was a live performance by Frienship Band which was thouroughly joyed by all the students and parents alike. The DJ played  garba that set the stage on fire with the crowd dancing in the  vibrant and  traditional Indian clothing.


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