Critical Role of HR post pandemic: Change is the New Normal

Dr. Mamta Shukla

As the harshness of pandemic is decreasing slowly, several industries are coming back to life, with social distancing being the latest norm. This has stimulated changes in all components of the trade. These changes will generate an important impact on the existence and long life of the corporation depending on the steps taken by leaders. Change is to be anticipated due to the dynamic nature of the market, but it occurs slowly but surely over time, whereas the current economic conditions require a sudden makeover that can cause turmoil, and hence pre-planned shift is much desirable.

An enormous set of these tasks falls on the shoulders of the HR executives. Companies will have to become people-oriented, where main concern is maintaining an employee’s physical and mental wellbeing.

How the Companies need to operate in New Normal?

Should the organizations encourage work-from-home post pandemic? Is work-from-home a blessing in disguise in terms of saving infrastructure expenses? Although this pandemic has picked up the pace in terms of modifications in the virtual place of work, improved policies concerning work ethics, infrastructural restraint, work-time conduct, feedback and technological hurdles will be necessary for an even shift in the new pattern. Policies needs to be redesigned, employee engagement and their capacity to bond with their peers should be done to maintain their spirits.

Is it time to modify the organizational culture?

The challenge is whether to go for Human-centered or market-oriented culture? In recent times, a research has shown the link between corporate culture, employee loyalty, and economic accomplishment. Transparency plays a key role in forming trust. Cruel ground realism should not be kept from employees, while at the same time, cultivating hope will be necessary to maintain balance – on the whole a Stockdale Paradox. Employees should also be guided for adding new skills. Employees’ mental wellbeing needs to be guaranteed by providing them faith and guidance.

Hiring and Firing –

Should employees be sent on unpaid leave, layoffs, or retrenchment? Several groups prefer unpaid leave instead of retrenchment as a cost cutting tool. The way in which discharge is done goes a long way in leaving an impression on the confidence of the existing workers as well. Weak economic cash flows will, unluckily, speed up employee termination, but once the under pressure industries starts their operations again at full capacity after the calamity ends, organizations need to be prepared with a re-opening strategy and accelerate the recruitment process . Reviewing the appraisal solutions, managing HR Technology, distant hiring, and building virtual hiring technology should be given utmost importance.

The outline shaped by researchers in this field offers choices to businesses to get through the layoffs. It is based on two aspects: Type of rationalizing planned, and the group’s existing approach in administering employees.

A sound and composed voice at the top is necessary to hold people from going off track. A leader should exchange a few words of empathy and imagery with steadiness. As the state of affairs is entirely new, many leaders will be strained to make decisions that are a lot less precise than before. But nevertheless, decisions made now will have a severe consequence on the culture, core values, and, thus, the overall performance of the company. Whatever was factual before may not be true in the present day, with the facts shifting on a day-to-day basis. Hence, this situation should be handled not only as a crisis, but as a chance to reorganize and initiate transformation in the preferred direction.


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