Develop reading ability in your children

Dr. Mamta Shukla

Your kid’s emotional and scholarly development depends to a great extent on reading. Your child is more likely to accomplish something later in life if they have good reading skills.

Reading augments your child’s capability to learn across all subject matter, not just verbal communication and reading. Hearing and reading stories lend a hand to your youngster master ideas of reason, opinion, and cause-and-effect correlations. Your child’s focus and attention period will boost as a result of reading.

Inculcating a love of reading in your young ones might be necessary for their language development, freedom, and emotional growth as they get older.

  1. Read everyday

If your kid is still learning to read, including a daily story time routine in their datebook will help them develop a sense of the value of reading. You can carry on your daily or nightly reading time together as your youngster learns to read without help. Slowly but surely give your child more reading responsibility so that they are reading to you rather than the other way around.

  1. Encourage your child to read

To cheer your youngster to read frequently, there are some powerful techniques. Your child will learn that reading is necessary and that books at their reading level are readily available if you keep them in the car, the bathroom, next to their bed, and even in the living room near the TV.

  1. Leading by example

This is a powerful approach for encouraging your child to read.

Since parents are the best role models for their kids, it stands to reason that they will replicate your actions. Your child is more likely to read before sleeping if you are doing it every night.

  1. Read examples from resources other than books

You may motivate your youngster to build up and use their reading abilities by using the following strategies:

Ask your kid to look up the cinema times if they want to watch a movie.

Let your child choose a recipe from a favorite cookbook and read the instructions to you if they take pleasure in helping you prepare meals.  Support your child to read communications from other family members, weather reports, and traffic signs.

Even if it does not aid them like reading books, integrating reading into things that your child enjoys and displaying how reading is vital to their daily lives will stimulate them to keep improving their proficiency.

  1. Keep an eye on your child’s reading levels

Educators might not always be conscious of when your child’s reading proficiency starts to worsen. Some children can hide their problems, particularly in social situations, and they might feel too embarrassed to ask for help even when they know they need it.

  1. Keep in mind that each young person is unique

Due to the unique ways that each kid’s brain is tuned, their skill sets will build up and grow at a rate that is dependent on how they connect with the outside world.

Every child grows at a different rate. Always remember that the best thing you can do for your child is to give confidence.

  1. Go to the library at least once a week

Let your child acquire a library card so that he/she can take out books on her own for leisure reading. To recognize the cause of a reading problem, involvement, additional testing, or even a medical referral to an expert may be required. The things I strongly recommend are persistence, daily practice, and stressing activities that help your youngster enjoy reading. Reading is all about pleasure, discovery, and learning!

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