Discussion on the idea of freedom of will and determination in the Philosophy Department of Lucknow University

Lucknow: A seminar was organized by the Department of Philosophy, University of Lucknow. In this seminar, research student of the Department of Philosophy, Ajita Yadav presented her lecture. The topic of the lecture presented by her was ‘Free will and determinism: are they really incompatible?’.

An attempt was made by him to explain freedom of will and determinism through his lectures, as well as the difference between the two was clarified. An attempt has been made to explain how Kant interpreted the concept of freedom of will.

Through this he explained that a free, mind and body is only capable of rational thought. Only a rational person can think about morality. According to determinism, free will is actually an illusion, and our behavior is governed through internal or external forces over which we have no control. In the lecture presented, freedom of will and determinism were explained through examples, and an attempt was made to find the middle way between the two by compatibilism.

Dr. Rajni Srivastava, Head of the Department of Philosophy, was present in this seminar. Along with this, other teachers of the department, Prof. Rakesh Chandra, Dr. Prashant Shukla, and Dr. Rajeshwar Prasad Yadav and Mamta Singh were present.

Along with this, research students of the Department of Philosophy as well as graduate and post-graduate students were also present. The coordinator of this program was Iram Khan, research scholar of the department and Sheetal Sharma, the report writer and co-coordinator of the department. The program was coordinated by Amulya Bajpai, research scholar of the department. Along with this, Sudhir Kumar and Uday Prakash, among other students of the department, played an important role in the successful completion of the program.

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