Diwali ushers in good times for traders in Kanpur

Kanpur: The happiness of Dhanteras, which was missing from the market for two years due to Corona, has doubled itself this year. After Saturday, on the auspicious time of Dhanteras on Sunday also, customers shopped fiercely. Customers who had postponed the purchase of cars, two-wheelers, furniture, utensils, etc. due to Saturday, turned to the markets on Sunday.

The shopkeepers welcomed the customers with open arms. Due to the presence of customers, business went well. On the first day, where the estimated sales were above Rs 2,000 crore, on the second day this figure was estimated to reach Rs 1,500 crore. In this way, a total business of more than 3500 crores was done in two days, touching the new sky of sales.

There is an ancient tradition of buying gold, silver jewellery, coins and metal utensils on Dhanteras. The auspicious time of this festival remained for two days this time. Due to this, after Saturday, there was tremendous enthusiasm in the markets on Sunday as well. Even the customers did not let the expectations of the shopkeepers sitting by decorating the shops go in vain. From the Saraf market to the utensils and electronic products, the market was buzzing with the crowd of buyers. Sales skyrocketed to new heights

Birhana Road, Nayaganj, Chowk Bullion are closed on Sundays but due to the auspicious time of Dhanteras, these three big bullion markets remained open. Largest showroom is in Birhana Road. The showroom here was crowded with customers throughout the day. There was no change in the price of gold and silver due to Sunday, so a lot of jewelery was also bought. From Phulbagh Mod to Nayaganj bullion market, only those who shop for jewelery continued to move.

Furniture market: Delivery vans kept running throughout the day

Furniture markets remained open for the third consecutive day. The furniture market of Govind Nagar is considered to be the largest. Here on Friday, preparations for Dhanteras continued throughout the day and since then all the showrooms have been continuously open for the customers. Not only are double beds, sofa sets, dining tables, dressing tables, study tables, modular kitchens, wardrobes being sold here, there is also a provision to change the look of the entire room. Throughout the day, the delivery vans kept delivering furniture to the homes of the customers.

Sisamau-P Road: The sale of utensils and clothes touched the sky

Sisamau and P Road markets are mainly famous for clothing and utensils. People from nearby areas as well as from distant localities came here to shop. According to the traders, more customers have come than expected. This is Dhanteras to strengthen the business again.

Kalyanpur: Every item of need in the retail market

There is a huge rush of customers in the Kalyanpur market in the western area of ​​the city for two days. There was continuous purchase of customers from Panki to Kalyanpur crossing. There might be some items in this retail market which are not available, so there was no need for the customers to go far.

Gumti: No place to even walk on the road

After two years in Gumti number five, the old crowd was again seen. The shops came out to the corridors and after that, there was a lot of shopping going on in the shops adorning the streets. There was a lot of sale from readymade clothes to crockery.

Naveen Market: Sirmaur as usual

Naveen Market, the heart of the city, is the first choice of customers this time too like every year. On the second day too, by 12 o’clock, the crowd of customers started increasing. Garment, crockery, worship material, footwear, decoration items, everything was bought here throughout the day.

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