Do not fly kites around the Metro Corridor; Damage to Metro Property is a Punishable Offence

Lucknow: Uttar Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation (UPMRC) is keeping strict vigil of kite flyers around 23 km long Metro Corridor from ‘CCS Airport to Munshipulia’. Lucknow Metro officials have been visiting the areas around the Metro corridor for a long time to make people aware not to do kite flying with metallic manjha. Despite this, people are risking their lives by kite flying around the metro corridor and also damaging metro property. To tackle this menace, Lucknow Metro has started monitoring the corridor to identify the kite flyers. Under Section 78 and 82 of Chapter 11 (Offences and Punishments) of the Metro Railway Act 2017, there is a provision of 10 years imprisonment and arrest without warrant for damage to Metro property.

Since its inception it has carried out various awareness campaigns from time to time, as kite flying not only causes disrupts the metro services but also halts the electric current supply. The kite flying causes inconvenience to the passengers and also threatens the lives of kite flyers.

The OHE line of the metro supplies a power of 25,000 volts or a voltage of 25 kV. Due to the kite flying, a kite flier can also get an electric shock and it can be fatal. It is also important to understand that even when the metro trains are not operating on the corridor or the passenger services are suspended (from 10pm-6am), the wires of Overhead Electrification are charged and electric current is still present.
Therefore, UPMRC appeals all the citizens to cooperate and abstain from kite flying near the entire metro corridor from ‘CCS Airport to Munshipulia’ as a responsible citizen. It is also a punishable offence which not only damages the public property but can lead to a loss of life as well.

Loss due to Metallic Thread:-

• Use of metal in metallic thread for kite flying disrupts power supply
• These methods of kite flying cause severe injury to the throat and eyes of passers by and also affect the lives of animals and birds
• Apart from metro, transmission and distribution of Indian Railways, National Grid and Uttar Pradesh Electricity Department are also being affected.

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