Docs caught in a tight COVID spot, as patients play hide and seek

Docs in full gear: Representative Pic / PTI

Lucknow: In the post COVID scenario, hospitals are now finding it hard to tackle the ever increasing number of patients who are reaching hospitals for treatment. More than 80 per cent of patients who are turning up at hospitals are facing severe breathing issues. Most of whom are not revealing health concerns related to COVID, if any.

Apart from breathing concerns they are also suffering from neuro-related problems and blood sugar remaining uncontrolled. As a number of patients make a beeline for the OPD, patients at the Department of Medicine are hiding infections.

Medical practitioners who have spoken up recently have said that those who are suffering from Corona should first go to post-COVID – OPD instead of wandering around, so that they can be treated after taking into account the effect of the virus.

No letting off guard

Apart from KGMU and Lohia Institute, a Post COVID OPD is running in Civil and Balrampur Hospital in the state capital. On an average eight to ten patients arrive here every day.

Despite the reduced number of patients, the hospital administration has made concrete arrangements. A 10-bed ward has been prepared for Post COVID treatment in KGMU’s Gandhi ward.

Five-five beds are reserved at Lohia Institute, Balrampur and Civil Hospital. All this even as it is not necessary to admit patients coming to the Post COVID – OPD as of now.

Balrampur Hospital Medical Superintendent Dr. Himanshu Chaturvedi has been quoted in the media saying that most of the patients are complaining of breathlessness and chest tightening.

In the absence of awareness, some patients go to the Department of Medicine and Respiratory Diseases. Such patients were exposed to the virus, but they conceal the problem.

A likely spike after January

Dr. Vikram Singh, Head of the Department of Medicine of Lohia Institute has said that Corona is still very much a problem even though in small numbers. Sensing a spike in January, preparations are being made from now.

Doctors have also asked patients coming to OPD not to consume anything cold. Exercise of deep breathing is also being urged.

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