Doctorwala – Helping you pick doctors wisely

Lucknow: Health sector like all sectors is at the cusp of witnessing a digital boom. A one of a kind app, Doctorwala that is about to be launched in the market will change the way health sector works. The mobile app is not individual it is open for all. It is going to be useful for all health aspects.

Back in the year 2019, some likeminded doctors dreamt of a unique IT service for the people. They launched a banner called Another Opinion Pvt Ltd. With COVID hitting the country hard, these dreams could not be sustained. But the zeal to serve people was very much alive. The founders hit upon an idea  that much like GoIbibo, Oyo, Trivago where hotels were available at the touch of a button where one could compare prices and get a hotel, why not have the same idea implemented for well being of patients in the health sector.

Doctorwala in a nutshell is about having a platform where those in need of a medical emergency can make informed choices with a vast variety of options at their disposal. The idea according to the founders is also about Health awareness, low medical stress, having a decent amount of opinions.

Doctorwala aims at giving long term benefits to patients in the health sector. This also will raise the competition. It will cut down haphazard choices and the budget will be clear in a jiffy. With greater health awareness, there will be a bigger scope for increased scope for health insurance which is at an abysmal level.

Among the various features that this app offers includes – General Nursing, Doctors freely available who are no less than MBBS, ambulance, a proper investigation facility, laboratory arrangement, Radiology, Appointments, Medicines made easily available, superspeciality offered, Speciality doctor appointment  and streamlining hospital selection.

When in distress the patient cannot really type out numbers so the one touch enquiry system in Doctorwala has been brought into the app where one click will connect the indisposed patient to the doctor. The doctor will connect with the patient and give the patient the right advice. The app also has an ingrained option of Whatsapp chatting. Run on Google Playstore, it will be started as a pilot project in Lucknow. As a mid level setup it will focus on the remote centre.

It is notable that in developed countries like US, UK every person is registered with the medical doctors and clinics. In a setup only when the doctor refers to a higher centre that one can approach a doctor and get an appointment suitably.  With Doctorwala, the idea will be to bring down reasonably the number of illegal practitioners.

In the first round of expansion Doctorwala will focus on areas like Gujarat, Delhi, U.P and Maharashtra. The biggest challenge will be to bring the best medical faculty together to deliver to strike a balance between demand and supply and address the issues around the growing number of medical colleges.

To pick the right persons MoUs will be signed with the person who follows all norms laid down by us. It will be an open variant, the doctor will have to be a basic MBBS and first priority will have to be proper diagnosis. Specialists will be working on an appointment basis. The app will also ensure that there is a pickup and drop facility for patients who are in dire need of help. A total assistant facility will ease  the burden of patients who need someone by their side. It will cut down the problem of shuttling between one place to another. The focus above everything will be on timely intervention. As a doctor, my message is disease is a part of life and one should not live with the fear of disease. One should know how to fight it tooth and nail. It is a reality. It should be easily controlled but definitely one will have to plan well. Diagnosis is important. Be aware.

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