Double murder in Pinahat town of Agra district sends shockwaves

Agra: Galla businessman Suresh Chandra Gupta, 70, and his wife Krishna, 65, were brutally murdered in Mohalla Mar here. When the businessman did not leave the house till Sunday afternoon, the neighbors got suspicious. When people went to the house and saw, their senses were blown away after seeing the scene there. The blood-stained bodies of the  merchant and his wife were lying on the floor.

After this a crowd of people gathered on the spot. As soon as the information was received, along with the police station, SP East Somendra Meena also reached the spot. After inspecting the spot, the police took information about the matter from the people. There are marks on the neck of husband and wife. Housewares were scattered. Police say that there was murder and looting.

People told that Suresh Chandra Gupta has a pot and oil mill in Pinahat. On Saturday, he had come to Agra to be with his son. Returning to Pinahat at 4:30 pm. He had opened the mill. At 7:30 pm, he closed the mill and went to his house.

He did not leave the house till 12:00 pm on Sunday. Usually he used to come out of the house early. The doors of the house were open. When the neighbors entered the house and saw Suresh Chandra Gupta lying on the bed in the first floor room. His wife was lying on the floor. When the neighbor raised an alarm, others reached.

SP East Somendra Meena arrived with the police force. SP Purvi said that Suresh Chand Gupta’s clothes are wet. Goods are scattered in the house. It is suspected that the miscreants killed the husband and wife during the robbery.
According to the police, the inverter used to be kept in the upstairs room, but it was found kept below. C

CTV cameras have been installed outside many houses in the locality. their police recordings are being scrutinized
SSP Prabhakar Choudhary reached the spot after the murder of a business couple in Pinahat town.

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